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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Due to the countless number of interpretations possible for main characters such as Lorraine and Callum, please check out their character pages.
    • For Don, not so much in his treatment toward Lorraine but rather his marital status. When examining a photograph in the House of Horrors, we see Don and Lorraine's friend Laura standing just a little too close, and with their arms around each other. While this is usually normal for Just Friends, this has still led to some speculation that Laura was in fact Don's wife, with Lorraine being the "other woman". This night explain why Lorraine couldn't inherit anything from Don after his death even while carrying his child. However, this theory is weak by the fact that Laura's name is never mentioned in Lorraine's lawyer's report.
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  • Anti-Climax Boss: In the seventh and final dream of the Halloween event, you face off with the Venetian agent who you had met with earlier on at the Tabula Rasa, who intend to expel you from her coveted eternal sleep at whatever cost. However, because she no longer has the power of the Bee in her, she gives off several non-lethal hits, and is easily dispatched by the Player.
  • Cliché Storm: One criticism of the game is that some of the horror elements have been done many times before, such as a creepy mascot and the goal to find a child. The final interactive scene in particular might come off as creepy to some, but others might find it lackluster due to the use of creepy child drawings, psychiatric patient notes, creepy dolls, a repeating room, and hanging bodies—things that have been done in other games, all together in one scene. Doubly unfortunately, several of these criticisms also seem to be under the impression that the main character is insane as well, unaware of the game's connection to The Secret World.
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  • Complete Monster: The Bogeyman. See that page for details.
  • Continuity Lockout: The Park has been played by more than a few people with no knowledge of The Secret World, to whom the story makes next to no sense and is generally misconstrued as far more metaphorical and Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane than it actually is. This is inevitable since The Park is from the perspective of an initiated muggle who, aside from a few subtle hints, is completely unaware of the Secret World and its mystical inhabitants.
  • Idiot Plot: Had the whole situation been literal, Lorraine could've caught Callum much sooner if she had just waited for him at the exit of the Tunnel of Tales attraction. In fact, it could've been prevented in the first place had she ran up the escalator to grab him instead of wasting time reminiscing about the park. However, the fact that Atlantic Island Park is likely already shut down by this point is a good indication that the introduction didn't really happen the way Lorraine believes it did.
  • Narm:
    • Lorraine's wrists spontaneously slitting themselves.
    • The bodies hanging from Lorraine's kitchen are supposed to invoke fear, but come off as... hammy.
    • The burning baby dolls spread throughout the house.
    • While speaking poetically is normal in journal pages, being poetic on a police report is a tad bit awkward. It's a wonder that the police even accepted Norma Creed's testimony with a statement like this:
    Norma: "Anyway, the Chipmunk man, he was carving and picking away at the ice. And at first we thought he was making some animal, like a lion or a tiger, but as more and more ice fell away...When you first looked, it was like a human face, smiling out of that block of ice. But the more you looked at it, the more you saw that there was something not quite right about the proportions, something unnatural that made your heart begin to beat just a little bit faster, like you were prey , and that thing in the ice was hunter."

    "For a few moments it was chaos, everybody was running away from the guy, who had one of [sic] teenagers on the ground and he was stab stab stabbing with the icepick and blood was spraying and people were screaming and Frank and I had the kids and we were dragging them away as fast as we could..."

    "And the last thing I saw, before Frank dragged me away, was that the eyeball of one of those poor kids had landed on the ice sculpture, making the horrible creature look more or less alive."
  • So Ok Its Average: The game currently holds a score of 67/100 on Metacritic. Some players praise the game for its Environmental Narrative Game genre, and its few but genuinely scary jumpscares as opposed to several cheap ones seen in most other games, while others criticize it for a mix of its cliche plot (see Cliché Storm above) and the plot ambiguity. note 
  • Unfortunate Implications: This Forbes article, and by extension some YouTube commenters watching the playthrough, accuse The Park of portraying people with mental illness in a negative light as potential child-murdering sociopaths. Of course, most of these critics don't realize that the supernatural force responsible for most of Lorraine's erratic behaviour is real, though the fact that they appear to have ignored the in-game notes doesn't help.
  • The Woobie: Lorraine; she's had to cope with abuse, low-paying jobs, sexual harassment, the death of her lover, unsupported pregnancy, mental illness, 70's era ECT, rejection by her mother and in-laws, mounting debt, poverty, disconnection of electricity to her home, and possible intrusions by real ghosts. And all this happens before she takes Callum on the fateful visit to the park. The events of the game's conclusion and those of The Secret World only make life even more miserable for her.
    • Callum hasn't had much of a happy life either, considering his favourite place in the world is a notoriously dangerous amusement park. The fact that Lorraine swings wildly from loving him to hating him and back again over the course of half an hour only sheds more light on what appears to be an extremely dysfunctional home life. And then he gets murdered by his own mother at the Bogeyman's behest and possibly erased from human memory.

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