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YMMV / The Otherworld

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  • Complete Monster: See here.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The villain of Industrial Magic, a vampire named Edward. The book was published a year before Twilight.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Karl Marsten is an amoral, charming werewolf and thief who's famous for his daring James Bond-style jewel heists. Marsten infiltrates territory he desires, researches the weaknesses of the werewolves that already live there and then wines and dines them. Afterwards, he gives them a polite offer to leave the territory, and if they refuse he kills them. After joining up with Daniel Santos' attempt to destroy The Pack, Marsten is content to lie back and play both sides, and even backstabs the vile Thomas LeBlanc by playing off Thomas' sadism and causing the pack to give him the territory he desires. Widely considered one of the most dangerous enemies of The Pack for never giving anyone a chance to see his weaknesses, Marsten keeps this ability even in his eventual reform and becomes one of The Pack's most loyal allies.
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    • Benecio Cortez, the head of the Cortez Cabal is a powerful sorcerer renowned for making his mafiaesque cabal the most powerful one in the world through a mix of pragmatism and his genuine charming affability. Benecio always remembers the names of everyone in his office and charms them with his silver tongue, allowing him to manipulate their emotions for his own criminal ends. Desiring for his son Lucas to succeed him, after various attempts Benecio eventually succeeds in getting him to agree. When he learns Lucas is in danger from a vampire, Benecio tricks the heroes into thinking that he was safe in a party before using a doppelgänger to leave and then finishes off the vampire himself by eternally damning him. Willing to go to extreme lengths to protect those he loves and keep his organization on top, Benecio is one of Otherworld's most formidable allies.

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