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YMMV / The One Who Eats Monsters

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  • Catharsis Factor: Ryn basically spends a large portion of her time vivisecting rapists and other human detritus, which can be quite enjoyable to read.
  • Complete Monster: Mr. Saxby is the worst of the nightmarish Asuras, with his evil exceeding even his cabal leader, Ghorm. A seemingly mild-mannered, average little man in his human guise, Saxby assists in sowing chaos and evil, having people killed and arranging other atrocities and even terrorist activities. A particular fan of experimenting on human beings, Saxby takes others and subjects them to ghastly procedures to slake his curiosity, even stitching numerous human beings together into a horrific, agonized creature to go after the heroine Ryn with only vague promises he may spare it of its suffering. Having homeless people and drifters abducted to kill or to serve as food for dogs, Saxby later tries to target Ryn's lover Naomi before trying to kill Ryn herself.

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