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  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • The character of Summer is quite divisive. Some find her an effective example of Teens Are Monsters and Villain Protagonist, while others just find her irritating.
    • Among the regular cast of narrators, Nikolle Doolin and Peter Lewis seem to get the most divisive comments on the site. This applies to David himself as well when he narrates, as he tends to give characters some fairly ridiculous accents ranging from Irish to Southern to (thankfully only once) Jive Turkey.
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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: After several bizzare events happening at the DMV, the narrator's friend in "DMV" goes to the hospital and a nurse gives him the same medication three times in a row with the same dialogue. He freaks out and leaves. This scene has no effect on the rest of the story and is not mentioned again.
  • Broken Base: Stories involving rape naturally tend to be controversial. The later inclusion of a trigger warning was in itself a matter of contention among listeners.
    • The story "Soulless". One side found it a heartwarming, slightly haunting love story that was something the podcast needed to break up all the horror. The other side found it gross, not scary, and not deserving of a spot on a horror fiction Podcast.
  • Creepy Awesome: Eric the ghost from "Not Now, Eric" was loved by listeners of the podcast for his bizarre actions and funny moments. In fact, the story he appears in his actually more hilarious than scary.
  • Nausea Fuel: The basic premise of "Holes" is that the narrator is living with her grandparents. Holes keeping being drilled in the walls of her bedroom, her things keep disappearing, and she hears strange sounds at night. It is revealed that there was a homeless man living in the walls of the house, watching her, and died while sexually asphyxiating himself while watching her sleep.
    • The descriptions of Fritz's house in "Life of the Party" are pretty gross.
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    • In "One Condition", the narrator's roommate tells him to never go into his bedroom. He does one day and finds out that his roommate's dead, rotting, zombified mom makes him have sex with her while she bites his penis.
  • One-Hit Wonder: The authors of massive Nosleep hits such as "The Showers" and "Box Fort" quit Reddit shortly after publishing their stories, so their one famous story is all they are known for.
    • Redditor 1000vultures, the author of the most wide known story outside the Nosleep fandom, "Penpal", wrote some other stories for the website, but none of them are remembered or discussed as much as "Penpal" is.
  • Seasonal Rot: The podcast has been accused of succumbing to this around seasons 5-6, with one redditor describing the stories from those seasons as "less about well-written, scary stories and turned into vaguely supernatural stories usually about how ghosts are helpful". Averted, when it won back a ton of detractors with the acclaimed return-to-form seasons 7-8. Unfortunately, it seems to be falling into this again, with season 11 being one of the least well-recieved.
  • Tear Jerker: The father in "Can You Hear the Birds Singing?" is flat broke for many years with his young daughter. They finally scrounge up enough money to buy an apartment only to die two weeks after they move in from a fire.
    • "Milk and Cookies" concerns and old man who visits an abandoned milk truck every week after being trapped in there for three days when he was younger with a lonely ghost. He brings her milk and cookies every week and talks to her.
    • "Decedent: Elaine Anderson" is about a happy new bride slowly being taken over by a strange substance that turns her skin black while she cries and laments about how her perfect life with the man of her dreams is going to hell. Jessica Mc_Evoy's emotional performance doesn't make things any happier.

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