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These YMMV entries are about the 1995 film:

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one scene, Angela uses a website to order a pizza. This is meant to emphasize how isolated she is, but nowadays, this is exactly how thousands of people do it.
  • Paranoia Fuel: For the internet age, yo. The bad guys know what cigarettes Angela used to smoke!
    • Paired with Adult Fear and Fridge Horror—the bad guys tamper with hospital records, leaving Alan to be killed by an insulin overdose after he's listed as a diabetic. Considering that the vast majority of hospitals use electronic medical records these days, there is a very real possibility of something like this happening.
  • Not So Crazy Anymore/Science Marches On: Yes, the concept of identity theft is terrifying, and the film played on those fears expertly. However:
    • Prediction: One day you're an upstanding citizen, the next you're a wanted criminal! Apparently-sane law enforcement officials will chase you down and brutalize you simply because some stupid, soulless machine tells them to, and if you insist the machine is wrong, they will call you a liar if not an outright lunatic!
    • Reality: The impact it has on one's life isn't much worse than a moderate car accident. Everyone, including the police, knows it can happen, and numerous agencies will seriously investigate claims (and they're usually a lot less intricate than the film's), as one can't exactly act as a productive member of society whose identity is worth stealing if a criminal is abusing their identity. You shouldn't act too suspiciously after it happens, but they will be sympathetic (if occasionally Obstructively Bureaucratic), and one can usually get one's life back in order after a year or two.


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