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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Regarding the degree Celestia was responsible for the atrocities committed.
    • Was the pointless destruction of the non-ponies fleeing Equestria done under Celestia's orders or at the whim of her fanatical supporters without her consent or knowledge?
      • Choice reveals that it was done by a fanatical supporter who acted without orders, and that Celestia had no prior knowledge of the destruction. She did, however, decide to use it as a way to further radicalize the population of Equestria, though, and praised the attacker.
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    • Was Celestia responsible for her subjects' fanaticism against humanity, or did they choose to blindly follow her out of the loyalty she earned prior? And did she encourage this, thinking it was their only chance at fighting against humanity?
      • The answer appears to be both. Warfare reveals that there are religions based around the Alicorns, considering them to be goddesses, meaning that ponies like Halberd think that they can do no wrong. Earlier entries and Twilight herself show that ponies followed her because they genuinely thought she was right. Choice also reveals that in addition to capitalizing on goodwill and the church, Celestia had a secret police put in place, used propaganda speakers to shut down dissent, and was willing to place blame on the humans for horrible things done by ponies (such as the barge of all the non-ponies that was sunk by the Equestrian Navy). Captain Parabola mentally confirms that this would make ponies even more zealously fervent towards Celestia or be too terrified to speak out against her.
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  • Base-Breaking Character: This work takes the stock TCB portrayal of Celestia and goes to lengths explaining what could feasibly cause her Face–Heel Turn from canon (discounting Brainwashed and Crazy) and avert the Necessary Weasel. Whether this is sufficient to address the usual criticism or if she's fallen farther than even that can justify is a matter of debate.
  • Friendly Fandoms: The fans of the Negotiationsverse are fans of the Spectrumverse and vice versa (helped by the fact that some of the co-authors of the latter have expressed an appreciation for Negotiations). It helps that both are deconstruction fics of the highly controversial Conversion Bureau story, albeit with radical differences in tone and focus.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Applejack in Useless. She's become a ruthless terrorist, a remnant of a country that had attempted to commit xenocide on one species (and left several others to die back on its homeworld), and by her own admission has killed numerous innocent people, humans and ponies alike... but she's also lost her whole family, all her friends besides Rainbow Dash, her life, and her innocence even, and is stubbornly clinging to the past. She has already crossed far over the Despair Event Horizon, and is completely accepting of and at peace with the fact that she's either going to be killed or taken prisoner.
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    • Halberd Wings, the protagonist of Warfare. He's a self-righteous borderline fanatic for Equestria and the princesses and is revealed to be quite racist towards not just the humans, but the other non-pony races as well. But the amount of sheer hell he goes through during the war and the toll it takes on his psyche still makes it hard to not feel some sympathy for him, especially when he still tries to hold on to some form of hope that Equestria will come out on top in the end.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Celestia definitely crossed this, but when exactly is debatable.
    • At least for Twilight and Spike, Celestia had crossed this first when she decided to save only the ponies and Equestria from death of their original home world's sun, without informing the other species and dooming them to extinction. Granted, she did want to save them as well and just didn't have enough power or the time to find a way to do so, plus she is very well aware of her sin, but still...
    • Declaring war on humanity once it was made clear that the majority of mankind didn't want to become "nice and peaceful" ponies (mindless and brainwashed slaves, actually). And for that matter, creating the potion and conversion bureaus in the first place.
    • Imprisoning all the other non-ponies in Equestria who stood against her tyranny. And while she wasn't the one who had their escape vessel sunk when they tried to escape, she did have the mare who did it promoted and the captain in charge (who objected to the genocide) be disappeared by special enforcers. Even worse, she blamed their destruction on the humans.
    • Manipulating Cadence into using the Crystal Cannon by using her niece's grief against her. Even Celestia admitted to feeling disgusted with herself for resorting to this.
    • Creating the Secret Police that disappears anypony who speaks out against the war.
    • Approving the creation of the EFF, which proves to be a problem even years after Celestia herself is executed.
    • Fallen shows that she inflicts magical Laser-Guided Amnesia on Twilight when she realizes what happened to everyone on Equus and rages at her.
  • The Woobie:
    • Twilight. The poor mare lost just about everything she cared about during the war, wrestles with all sorts of guilt and self-loathing throughout the series, and it's not until she's on her deathbed that she was finally able to forgive herself for all that she'd done in following Celestia.
    • Spike. The poor little guy also loses several of his friends and family during the war, and then finds out that he's the Last of His Kind afterward.
    • Cadence in Choice. She's lost her husband, can only watch as her only daughter descends into despair, and gets manipulated by Celestia into using the Crystal Cannon (when before she had clear reservations due to the death and destruction it could cause). In the end, she and her only daughter die in nuclear fire as retribution for using the cannon in the first place.


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