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YMMV / The Musketeer

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  • Complete Monster: Febre as played by Tim Roth is a sadistic Blood Knight who lives for combat and destruction. Murdering D'Artagnan's parents in front of him as a child, Febre becomes the pet psychopath of Cardinal Richeliu and carries out his unsavory work. Febre murders many who cross his path and incites a riot to create political tension. Febre blackmails the queen by threatening a child's life to lure her and the Duke of Buckingham together to murder them both and frame the King of France. Febre then reveals his true goal: to start a giant war between France, Spain and Britain simply for the laughs of all the lives that will be lost. When Richelieu calls him mad for this, Febre remarks this is the third time he's been called insane in a night. "It must be so!"
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  • Narm: The over the top fight scenes and painfully generic story make it very difficult to take the movie seriously.

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