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YMMV / The Masque of the Red Death

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment / Disney Acid Sequence: Juliana's hallucinations when she undergoes her final Satanic ritual.
  • Evil Is Cool: Prospero, which is only natural since he's played by Vincent Price. The Red Death, while not evil per se, is also an extremely cool and memorable character, thanks largely to the performance of John Westbrook.
  • Squick: Alfredo's Villainous Crush on Esmeralda is made even more repulsive by the fact that Esmeralda is played by a little girl.
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  • Uncanny Valley: The dancer Esmeralda was played by a seven-year-old girl whose voice was dubbed by an adult woman. The effect is very noticeable and disconcerting, possibly intentionally.
  • Vanilla Protagonist: In contrast to the other characters of the castle, Gino and Francesca come across as rather bland and unmemorable.


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