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YMMV / The Man with the Iron Heart

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Harry Turtledove Novel

  • Complete Monster: Reinhard Heydrich survives his assassination attempt in Czechoslovakia, returns to Germany and assumes control of a growing insurgency. In addition to his past crimes under the Nazi regime, in helping to craft The Holocaust and multiple war crimes, Heydrich turns to masterminding a series of bombings that kill Soviet general Ivan Konev and George S. Patton. Initiating more terrorist attacks that kill numerous soldiers with collateral damage, Heydrich later manages to export bombings to western countries, even having famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower attacked. Later uncovering a source of radium, Heydrich switches to using dirty bombs to do more damage and intends to craft nukes to be launched at Moscow and Washington, D.C. to wipe them off the map.

2017 Film

  • Complete Monster: After being kicked out of the German Navy, Reinhard Heydrich is hired by Heinrich Himmler to join the SS. After the appointment of Adolf Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, Heydrich is tasked with annihilating Hitler's enemies in the German political sphere. Having been made Governor of Bohemia-Moravia for his efficiency and competence, Heydrich begins a brutal campaign of war crimes to make his territory the first to exterminate its Jews, ordering the crimes filmed for his later enjoyment. After setting his methods up in the rest of Germany, thus kickstarting The Holocaust, Heydrich works to put down a rebellion against his governance, killing enough resistance fighters to fill up a mass grave and torturing many more.


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