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YMMV / The Maiden Heist

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  • Cargo Ship: Each of the guys with their respective pieces of art. To call it an obsession would be putting it lightly.
  • Funny Moments: Roger's fantasy in the very beginning. Made more hilarious in that his foes are armed with fully-automatic weapons and all he has is a handgun, yet he still maintains one shot per kill.
    • Any time George takes his clothes off.
      Rose: this the surprise?
    • The rappel practice, most especially Roger's turn.
      Roger: [Tilting straight back] I think my hands are slipping.
      George: Which one?
      Roger: Both of them.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Roger learns to live without the painting (after he gets it, of course), and falls in love with his wife again.
  • Moment of Awesome: Despite all their blunders, the heist ends as though it were without a hitch.
    • Perhaps most impressively, Roger being able to talk a suspicious security guard out of taking the crate with George in it.


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