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YMMV / The Magnificent Seven (1998)

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  • Complete Monster:
    • Colonel Emmett Anderson, from the series premiere "Ghosts of the Confederacy'', attacks an innocent tribe of Seminole Natives, intending on slaughtering them if they do not give him gold they don't have, even lighting a cannon and aiming it at women and children until the chief relents and tells him of a defunct mine. Returning later to claim the "gold", Anderson tries to massacre the tribe and all within when it turns out they could not produce. When one of his own men objects, Anderson denounces him as a coward for being unable to shoot Anderson and tries to murder him as well.
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    • Wickes, from season 1's "Working Girls", is the cruel owner of the tent town Wickestown, tempting girls into prostitution and keeping them enslaved as his property in debt to him, raping them himself for pleasure and beating any who speak up half-to-death. Wickes's only concern when he thinks he sees his girls die is the monetary loss this will cause, and kidnaps Mrs. Travis, threatening her son and indicating he'll enslave her as well after killing him.
    • Earl, from the season 2 premiere "The New Law", is an enigmatic gun-for-hire whose job description is wiping entire towns off the map. Earl forces the citizens of the town out of their homes as he pillages and torches the community–unless they "give him grief", in which case he kills them all with the town. Earl murders the new marshal appointed to guard the Seven's town before having his men pillage it, even trying to burn down the town ahead of time with people still in it when he hears the army is headed his way.
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    • Rupert Brauner, from season 2's "Chinatown", is a railroad executive who embezzles from his employers by stealing the money from his Chinese laborers. Keeping the laborers as abused slaves and allowing Human Trafficking, Brauner has any who speak out against the theft murdered and buried in shallow graves. When he realizes the Seven are drawing too close for comfort, Brauner simply attempts to start a riot and have the workers massacred, all to feed his greed.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A young Alexa Vega as a Little Miss Badass in the third episode.


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