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YMMV / The Magic of Scheherazade

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  • Goddamned Boss - Troll is a very easy boss. His second form attacks by inching towards you, occasionally shrinking you. His only real threat isn't a problem if you have Amulets, though, making him a joke. However, his first form involves him rapidly moving from decoy to decoy, attacking you for 10 HP when you attack it. While this isn't hard (you can always Pampoo to heal back up), this is very time-consuming.
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  • Good Bad Bugs - There are quite a few. If you use a rupia seed to become invisible, you can also walk on water as long as the effect lasts. If you use a one-time Great Magic spell, you can go back and talk to the wise man to relearn it. If you enter "1W", "2W", "3W", "4W" or "5W" in the password without anything else three times, the game will start you in that chapter with your inventory maxed out.
  • That One Boss - Salamander, who is Sabaron's most powerful demon. He is a giant Eldritch Abomination made out of lava, speeding back and forth and shooting fire at you. Every so often, he shoots more fire magic at you that's guaranteed to hit you, and retreats into a fire field to recover his HP. And if Rainy runs out of HP and can't counter it, you have to use your ring to get out of the battle.


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