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YMMV / The Lost World (1912)

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  • Fair for Its Day: His You No Take Candle speech aside, the book's portrayal of Zambo is somewhat progressive, insofar as he is depicted as strong, intelligent and good-hearted. Even his manner of speaking can be explained away as him being South American and English not being his first language. As for the other non-whites, despite the odd condescending tone, the main characters never view them as inferiors.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: When Summerlee argues that this time they have photographic proof of real, living dinosaurs, Challenger replies that people back in England will reject them as "clumsily faked". Eight years later, Doyle himself was enthusiastically arguing for the Cottingley Fairies photos (which were later revealed to have been created using cutout pictures of fairies) being real.
  • Ho Yay: A bit of this between Malone and Roxton.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • A lot is made of the fact that Edward Malone is Irish, and he takes a very lax attitude to racism being directed his way (Doyle himself was of Irish descent).
    • There are also "treacherous half-castes" and a "loyal Negro" in the expedition party. Naturally, by the time of the 1992 film adaptation the "treacherous half-castes" were replaced with a treacherous Portuguese. He is just Gomez with a Race Lift and so by extension his brother gets the same.
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    • The term "half-breeds" for people of mixed descent can grate on modern ears.


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