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YMMV / The Lost Fleet

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  • Narm: In universe example. The Shield of Sol all have their officers wearing so many medals that they form solid rows. It's meant to be impressive. Every Alliance sailor who sees them ends up snickering.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Everything to do with Europa.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Finding out why the Dancers need to get to Kansas in Guardian.
    • A small one, but Desjani hints that, even during their honeymoon, Geary had PTSD fueled nightmares. Later on, Geary reveals that Desjani was in the same boat as him.
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    • In Beyond the Frontier, it's revealed that in the aftermath of the war, Duellos' marriage is on the ropes. He is still serving in the fleet, even though he has not seen his wife in a long time and the Alliance's pigheadedness is keeping him from taking leave. Tanya remarks that his wife hasn't pulled the "your family or your career" card, but that the situation is getting dangerously close to that. Duellos is torn between the love he has for his wife, and the love he has for his career. His sad, somber approach to telling Geary this is evidence that pretty much no one in the Alliance knows the answer to the question And Then What? now that there's no longer a war to fight.


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