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YMMV / The Lost Crown

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Nigel's bell-induced "vision" among the rocks can come across like this.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The fact that Hardacre is puttering about in the Saxton Caverns on Day Two may actually offer an explanation for why he's been failing to find the Crown himself, all these years: he's been led off-track by Captain Spivey's smuggling operation! If the smugglers used the caverns to hide the artifacts they'd been looting from old sea-eroded Anglo-Saxon sites, then a few of those artifacts must have washed out of the caverns with the tide, leading Hardacre to assume there's an ancient site there. Likewise, if Spivey's journal was right in predicting his ship would eventually run aground on the Pinnacles, then Hardacre might've been surveying those rocks because of artifacts washed up from the smugglers' wrecked vessel.
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  • Fridge Logic: Why are the journal and letter left behind by the Molinas in Harbour Cottage written in English? They were immigrants from Spain, so ought to write personal thoughts and any correspondence with relatives back home in Spanish.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The circumstances leading up to (and including the events of) the Nightmare Room. You're forced to guide Nigel to get away from the black mist via the nightvision camera since there's no source of light, and just when you've opened the window cover to let light back in the junk room and banish the black mist, you still have to investigate the Nightmare Room. This is where Nigel finds out not only has someone been stalking and photographing both his and Lucy's movements all over Saxton, it's also where he finds the skinned cats of Saxton and comes under attack from a swarm of Ager-conjured flies. What makes the swarm attack on Nigel even worse is the possibility there really was no such attack on Nigel, when Lucy kicks down the door to the Nightmare Room to calm Nigel down she says, "There's nothing here," implying from Lucy's perspective, Nigel was having a hallucination.

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