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TV Series

  • Acceptable Targets: An episode is built around the fact that fat people are often considered this.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Snobby Derek Tricoli works for Goldman Sachs. Two years later, the firm's reputation would suffer due to the 2008 financial crisis.

2020 Novel

  • Nightmare Fuel: It's a Jeremy Roberts Book, naturally it's gonna be full of them!
    • The chapters taking place within the cave is already claustrophobic enough, but it only gets worse with Brewer's description of what's happening outside of the caves before he is dragged away and one of the Infected chase Lucy down through cramped spaces.
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    • Before her death, her behavior and struggle against Oracle looks like a case of Demonic Possession, as she struggles to maintain her sanity from Oracle's control. And speaking of demonic...
    • The way she describes to Steve what happened to his family.
    "They have been at your wife with knives, Steve, and opened her up like a flower in bloom."
    • Emmett's encounter with a survivor who had Gouged his eyes out to prevent the parasites from infecting him. While the audience will already know that the origin of the parasites is man-made, it is the way he describes the visions Oracle has given shown him (aswell as the fate of Jason Ward's two girlfriends) as demonic, painting the infection as a demonic invasion.
    • The rate that Oracle is evolving. It started off as a parasite controlling the rich kids before eventually it turned two girls into a breeding pit for more of the infectees. It rips itself out of Marisol when it is done using her as a way to propogate its species and it is able to infect Dani simply by biting her. By the end, when Steve calls for the Total Eradication of Turner Falls, you completly understand WHY!
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    • While it was meant to scare IMTech into bombing Turner Falls, Steve's back up plan of blowing up the water pipeline is scary mostly by the idea of Oracle spreading to the waters. Just imagine what would've happened if Lucy and Brewer had blew up the pipeline and IMTech hadn't answered...
  • Tear Jerker: Bucket's Death. He suffers internal bleeding from his head but he is surrounded by the people who care for him as he dies.
    • Lucy and Brewer's last moments before Turner Falls is destroyed. While it is a Bitter Sweet Ending, it is obvious that Brewer had died from his wounds but Lucy is holding on to him as the bomb goes off...

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