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YMMV / The Longingverse

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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Shimmering Ruby's plan to resurrect King Sombra fails after only a few seconds, and she is knocked out in one hit. Justified in that this sets up a future plot point.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Spike saves the mane 6 from a a pack of Timberwolves early on, then just a few weeks later an episode of season 3 airs where Spike himself is saved from a pack of Timberwolves by Applejack.
  • Moral Event Horizon: If Bloodwing didn't cross it already, then he definitely crossed it when he painfully turned Scootaloo into an alicorn against her will.
    • Yellow crossed it when she tried to kill Spike.
  • The Woobie
    • Spike. First he suffers a nightmare about Twilight abandoning him, then he gets captured by Bloodwing, learns that he was once was a doll that was brought to life by Twilight, is nearly killed by Bloodwing, and finally, suffers nightmares about being a puppet.
    • Scootaloo. She was created by Bloodwing, who used Rainbow Dash's DNA to do so. Then she spent years being beaten and starved by him and his henchmen. After she escaped, she spent the next two years homeless and had to rely on the apples from Sweet Apple Acres to avoid starving. Then, she got captured by Bloodwing and was turned into an alicorn. After Bloodwing was defeated, she suffered nightmares about Bloodwing capturing her and deeming her his property.
    • Twilight. From nearly losing her biological son, Spike, to having to take care of him when he suffers nightmares about the truth, this pony can't catch a break.
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    • Rainbow Dash. She gave Scootaloo to Bloodwing, unaware that he was a wanted criminal and a mad scientist. Then, when she found out, she broke down crying, feeling lots of regret for her actions. Later on, after Spike and Scootaloo were rescued and Rainbow Dash found out that the latter is her biological daughter, her daughter suffered a lot of nightmares about Bloodwing, making Rainbow Dash feel bad for her.
    • Blaze Stream (a.k.a. Red) and Light Stream grew up in an abusive orphanage. After the two of them leave the orphanage, they lived out on the streets, pick-pocketed others to survive, and then got captured by Bloodwing. The former was forced to work for Bloodwing against his will and the latter was imprisoned in the cage. Blaze Stream was even feeling a lot of regret for his actions and was just following them to protect his own brother/son figure. Then Blaze had to go to trial and do community service even though he was only serving Bloodwing against his will. Yet, he stays calm, doesn't complain, and even says that this is better than working for Bloodwing. Meanwhile, Light Stream had suffered PTSD from his experience with Bloodwing during class.

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