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YMMV / The Limehouse Golem

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  • Captain Obvious Reveal: Many viewers saw the ending as this.
  • Complete Monster: The titular golem, a monstrous Serial Killer, is in truth Lizzie Cree. Hungry for fame by way of murder, the Golem first guts a prostitute and also gouges out her eyes, later carrying out more attacks with escalating violence and savagery, even graduating to crucifying prostitutes and attacking Jewish men in anti-Semitic murders. The Golem shows no compunction using murder for personal protection, killing a blackmailer, a dwarf who caused the Golem personal offense and others, with an escalating body count that culminates in the Golem gleefully butchering a father, his wife and their two young children with clear sadistic relish at their fear. Finally the Golem poisons her own husband John Cree when he discovers her identity. While acting as a downtrodden victim, the Golem is in truth, a monstrous, sadistic psychopath out to achieve fame by any means necessary.

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