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  • Ass Pull: Grinwoody and Ironfist have been super high-ranking moles for the Order of the Broken Eye this whole time?!
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": Almost always played straight - The writer goes out of his way to use off-beat terms for most everything in order to give the world more flavour. For example: "Alcaldesa" = "Mayor", "Tribadist" = "Lesbian". At one point in the series Kip and Teia have a conversation about whether or not Kip is 'homosexual'. The lack of an in-world term for 'homosexual' is a little jarring and kind of breaks the immersion.
  • Fridge Logic: How was Gavin planning to dye bread infrared or ultraviolet if his prisoner had made it that far?
    • Except his brother himself figured out the prison most likely only went to yellow, since making a cell out of oiley orange or sludge-like red would be impossible, let alone superviolet or sub-red. So there'd be no need for the "invisible" colored bread.
      • We learn in the fourth book that Gavin/Dazen did in fact make prisons for sub-red and super-violet, but unlike the other cells they are meant to be death traps for the prisoner. Thus no need for bread.
    • Speaking of bread we learn in the fourth book that the real Gavin has been dead since the False Prism's War and his imprisonment chapters were a delusional fantasy brought on by the real Dazen's insanity. If that's the case, then where the hell did sixteen years' worth of bread go?
      • This is assuming that the real Gavin is still only in his head, since his room slave did eventually catch on one of the alarms didn't work and she was sending the wrong bread down. We can assume that Dazen is just lost in his own insanity of his fever while Andross took advantage and never telling him he found Gavin's body.
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  • Lawful Good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil: On the other hand, Blue Drafters are ruled entirely by logic. As Blue Luxin is as solid and rigid as glass, blue drafters always think in the exact. Even as colour wights everything is done as precisely as possible.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The experience of the Nine Kings card for Black Luxin begins with a young child's happy recollection of a fun morning at the family home. We don't see how it ends.
    • It ends with Dazen being told he is a mono-chromatic drafter of black luxin. Cue breakdown as he realizes he really was on the wrong side of the False Prism's War.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Gavin forces himself to not do this when he is being publicly tortured in Rath.
  • The Woobie: Kip is the prime example of this. Lived in a backwater shithole in the worst-off Satrapy, where he suffered All of the Other Reindeer from his fellow villagers and horrific abuse at the hands of his drug-addicted mother, until all of them were slaughtered when he was fifteen. It gets better for him in some ways, in others it only gets worse as the books go on. By the end of the first book, he's afflicted with what may be PTSD from participation in the Battle of Garriston. Regardless of what it is, he's shown to be badly traumatised by it. It's shown that he often has nightmares about the bloodbath he single-handedly inflicted, and it's implied he doesn't get much sleep.
    • Fake Gavin. Karris' backstory is a big Tear Jerker, too. Fake Dazen in the second installment might qualify, as well. As we learn more about Ironfist, he manages to fall under this banner as well.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Fake Gavin, heavy on the woobie, light on the jerkass. Fake Dazen, EXTREMELY HEAVY on the jerkass but a woobie because it's implied to be a result of his father's influence and years of captivity.

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