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YMMV / The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

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  • Broken Base: When it comes to the manhwa adaptation, readers are split when it comes to which of the two art-styles was better: the one used for the first 52 chapters in Season One, or the one used for chapters 53 to 117 in Season Two. It gets even more broken when a third new art-style is introduced from chapters 118 onward in Season Three.
  • Crazy Awesome : Many of Weed's schemes are this and everything Hyundo Ahn/Geomchi and his disciplines do!
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  • Creating Life : One of the Moonlight Sculptor class' ultimate powers
  • Disc-One Nuke: The Formless Imperial Sword Technique, an "A" rank sword style with numerous special attacks and sub-skills that are way more devastating than anything the level 60+ Weed should have been able to do under normal circumstances. It becomes less and less overpowered as Weed levels out and gets access to better skills, but it still made his early leveling way easier.
    • The Scuplting Blade technique, to a lesser degree. It is the first combat skill Weed learns, and while it is less impressive than the Imperial Sword Technique, its ability to ignore the enemy's defense and hit even immaterial opponents allows Weed to take on foes way beyond his level and win.
  • Dreadful Musician : Weed has several times shown that his singing (he also writes his own lyrics) will make enemies of all his listeners, no matter how much sweet talking he has done. When posting one of his battles on the internet while transformed into an orc people think it is a parody of how the orcs have no culture. He is completely unaware of how bad he is.
  • Game-Breaker: The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor profession. While it appears useless at first glance, with only minor boosts compared to the standard Sculptor class, it not only allowed Weed to learn outstandingly powerful class-skills, it granted him the Handicrafts skill right out of the gate, something which other players would have had to grind their profession for months. It not only increased his crafting proficiencies, it also allowed him to learn multiple craft skills at an accelerated pace, all of which gave him additional bonuses, which allowed him to raise his skills even faster, and with time all the small effects and bonuses snowballed into legendary territory.
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  • Magikarp Power: Crafting skills are this in Royal Road. While individual crafting professions are hard to get off the ground and require soul-crushing grinding, once they get to a high enough level they can be combined together to staggering effects, such as using Sculpting to make cooked food more appealing or engraving weapons and armors to bestow extra effects on them, raising their value exponentially. Not only that, but the small stat-bonuses from the individual crafts can add up into enormous boosts that can rival dedicated adventurers.

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