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YMMV / The Last War

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  • Accidental Innuendo: Hermione's love for Harry is like golden water, apparently. Wow.
  • Angst Dissonance: As noted elsewhere, it's hard to sympathise with Hermione and Harry in this fic.
  • Anvilicious Author Tract: Ron and Ginny are bad, Harry and Hermione are good. Can't you tell?
  • Cliché Storm: If there's a cliché of shipping in general or Harmonians in particular that this fic doesn't feature, it'll probably put in an appearance if it ever gets continued.
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  • Critical Research Failure: Cooking a stew for longer doesn't make the meat less tender. Also, "the streets of London were deserted that night"... unless it's Christmas in the Doctor Who universe or there's been a zombie apocalypse, this isn't likely.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Chapter 5 opens with one, along with the unsupported assertion that LoPEF is "writing the redheads quite in character".
  • Designated Hero: Harry and Hermione.
  • Die for Our Ship: Ron is Magically Beaten To Death For Our Ship, and Ginny is Divorced For Our Ship. Prior to that, Ron was turned into a violently abusive boor, and Ginny to an ugly, shallow slut.
  • Fridge Logic:
    • So Ron mysteriously disappears, and at that same time, Hermione moves in with Harry, who immediately transfers all of his accounts to France and the two of them leave the country. How long do they think it will take the Ministry of Magic to extradite them?
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    • Harry had, for years, become increasingly disillusioned with Dumbledore's secret-keeping and manipulation of him. So much so that he named his middle child after him?
      • To be perfectly fair, that part was canon.
    • Hermione married Ron because it was the closest she could come to marrying Harry. Harry's reasons for marrying Ginny fluctuate from chapter to chapter, but at one point he claims/thinks that the only reason he married Ginny was because it was the closest he could come to marrying Hermione. So... how exactly did that come about?
  • Growing the Beard: The final chapter, if taken in isolation as a one-shot with the Take Thats removed, wouldn't be so bad.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: An early review suggested that it should be a time-travel fic, presumably with Harry and Hermione going back in time to take pre-emptive revenge on Ron the Death Eater for how he treats Hermione in Chapter 1. Then came In This World and the Next.
  • Narm: The overwrought prose and general hamfistedness of the story are near-impossible to take seriously.
    • The fic uses "Always" after it had become a Memetic Mutation because of Robot Unicorn attack.
  • Ron the Death Eater: The fic's treatment of Ron can best be described as Dark Secrets with better grammar but even worse characterisation. Ginny gets it bad too. As does Dumbledore, posthumously.
    • Hermione and Harry come out looking pretty loathsome themselves. Hermione's entire marriage to Ron was a sham to stay close to Harry in the hope of running off with him, and Harry only married Ginny for her looks and wangsted when she put on weight.
  • So Bad, It's Good: It has almost universally negative reviews on, which is almost unheard of for anything not in the My Immortal category, and is mainly worth reading for the Narm.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Ginny's dress in Chapter 3 is supposed to be in godawful taste in-universe, but even with that in mind it still doesn't make sense in the Potterverse.


  • Macekre: The American dub by Brenco cuts out 20 minutes of the film.


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