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YMMV / The Last Light of the Sun

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  • Anticlimax Boss: Ivar Ragnarson is the bastard who got the whole plot started with his raid on Brynn's farm. He's the one who gets a bunch of surrendering Erlings massacred when he shoots a captured Earl instead of letting them ransom him. He has, at various points in-story, plotted against every named character. And he dies when Bern stabs him in the back midconversation.
  • Complete Monster: Ivarr Ragnarson is the grandson of the great Erling raider Sigur Volganson and the last of his line. Deformed in body and mind, Ivarr is a sadistic psychopath whose dearest goal in life is to find a way to blood-eagle—cracking open the ribs and extracting the lungs—a victim while keeping them alive the entire time. During a raid on Brynn ap Hwyll's farmhouse, Ivarr allows his brother and his henchmen to die fighting, then while hiding tries to kill Brynn. During his escape he shoots one of his own men with a poisoned arrow, and takes the time to blood-eagle two peasants. He later hires an army of mercenaries, tells them that there is plunder to be had in Anglcyn lands, and essentially sacrifices sixty of them so that he can steer the survivors towards Brynn's house again and finish what he started. Escaping, Ivarr captures another peasant boy and slices off his nose and ears before torturing him to death. Making his way back to his ships, Ivarr is slain by the surviving mercenaries as he plots to assassinate their leader and another member of the crew.
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  • Deliberate Values Dissonance: The characters, even the sympathetic cleric Ceinion, believe Beauty = Goodness and Ivarr is clearly evil because he's a "malformed" albino.

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