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  • Broken Base: Inevitably, opinions were divided when the first shots of Uhtred from the TV series were released. Some think Dreymon looks good as a youthful Uhtred, while others say he doesn't look tough enough. Others object to his hair being black rather than blond (the opposite of what happened to Sharpe) while others don't mind.
  • Catharsis Factor: Given what an absolutely loathsome scumbag Æthelwold is, it was absolutely satisfying to see Uhtred kill him.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Season 2's second & third episodes: Sverri is an Icelandic slaver notorious for working and torturing his slaves to death. Having his slaves row to Iceland for days without food, Sverri forces them to fight over an apple he's already taken a bite out of. After recapturing Uhtred and Halig after their failed escape attempt, Sverri has the latter bound to the prow of his ship and forces Uhtred and the other slaves to row the roaring seas, slowly killing Halig.
    • Season 3: Skade is a Danish seer, or witch, who is introduced torturing a man by removing his eyes and tongue while murdering him for the crime of looking upon her. Returning to her lover Sigurd Bloodhair, Skade tells him of the vision she has of Sigurd killing King Alfred of Wessex, helping to spur on a brutal Danish invasion of England with many slain, all while Skade, for fun, agonizingly tortures the priests she finds. Cursing Uhtred himself, Skade intends to make him hers and have him start a new war to rule England, happily poisoning her own lover Sigurd before murdering him herself when his usefulness to her is expended.
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  • Crosses the Line Twice: Æthelwold's speech:
    Æthelwold: Oh, Lord, I am a sinner! I am a sinner, Lord, as big a sinner as you will ever see! I have known women, Lord, lots and lots of women! Women of all sizes. The big tits, the small tits. I have squeezed and kissed them all. I have rested my head on the bosoms of beautiful, but bad, bad women, Lord. Forgive me! I have lost count of the number of women I have had, but I know it is exactly half the number of tits I have caressed. Oh, God, I love tits! Send me an angel, Lord!
    Man in crowd: So you can hump her?!
    Æthelwold: A... A titless angel to guide me! No more servant girls in my bedchamber, Lord! Please, I beg you! (flops down on the ground, to cheers and applause)
  • Crazy Awesome: Skorpa, who tears out peoples' throats with his teeth.
  • Creepy Awesome:
    • Skorpa again, for basically the same reason. Added to that is the fact that his teeth are permanently stained red with blood.
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    • Thyra has become this when we see her again. Although she is locked in a cell, she is surrounded by wolfhounds that she can apparently control, and Sven flees in terror after spending just a few moments in her presence.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Vikings, due to both series being action period dramas taking place around the same time period and regions of northern Europe.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Vikings issue of the 1960's comic book series "The World Around Us" featured an Alfred the Great who bore an uncanny resemblance to David Dawson, who portrays Alfred here.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, has a dream to unite the British continent and lets little stand in his way. Upon meeting the Dane-raised Pagan Saxon Uhtred, Alfred performs a show of goodwill by marrying him to a noble Saxon woman but neglects to inform Uhtred he takes on her family's debts to bind Uhtred to him further. A brilliant commander, Alfred leads daring defeats of the Danes and establishes Wessex as a true power and constantly plays through the ruthless political court of Wessex. Even manipulating his own son Edward to make him a better ruler when Alfred is dead, Alfred plays him into giving up his first marriage and children, then halts his forces giving aid to an estranged Uhtred on the field to force Edward to make a true decision as a King. Even upon his deathbed, Alfred makes a final peace with Uhtred, but makes certain to show him the written history of Wessex so he will forever know Uhtred will be invested in seeing Alfred's dream through.
    • Earl Guthrum of the Danes is an intelligent man who lures three Saxon armies into a trap to annihilate them. The right-hand of Ubba Ragnarson, the closest man the Danes have to a true king, Guthrum is the one who handles most of the strategy, arranging for the overthrow of kingdoms. A true threat to even Wessex, Guthrum leads the capture of Winchester abbey and attempts to use Alfred's scheming nephew Aethelwold to assassinate the King. Upon his defeat, Guthrum believes that the Christians' god is truly with them and submits to be baptized and renamed Aethelstan, honored by Alfred for choosing peace over war in the end.
    • Sigtryggr Ivarson is a Norse-Gaelic Warlord introduced overrun Wales and killing its King Hywel to rescue the captured Dane Brida, the lover of Sigtryggr's late cousin Cnut. Learning of Wessex's riches, Sigtryggr leads a number of brutal, daring raids through villages along the way to capture Winchester and hold a standoff against King Edward, even playing Edward by offering one of his sons as a hostage but making him choose which boy, before he accepts Uhtred as a hostage instead. Sigtryggr then uses his leverage to secure land for himself and his people, getting everything he wants while also leaving with one hostage: Uhtred's daughter Stiorra whom he has grown to develop a caring and mutual romance with.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Æthelwold crosses it with his cowardly murder of Ragnar.
  • Narm: The show keeps to Cornwell's earthy style, which results in lines like, "We should hump tonight," and badass warriors calling their mortal enemies "turds."
  • Spiritual Licensee:
    • Assassin's Creed: Valhalla is essentially The Last Kingdom: The Video Game complete with King Alfred the Great as a major antagonist, similar time period and characters. Even the male version of Eivor is voiced by Magnus Bruun, Cnut's actor from the show.
    • Alternatively, if you want to have Real-Time Strategy adaptation of the series there's always Thrones of Britannia: A Total War Saga which takes place in the same time period complete with the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms and the Vikings as playable factions.
  • Squick: Uhtred defeats Ubba by cutting both his Achilles' tendons.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Everything surrounding Ragnar's death, especially Brida frantically pushing a knife into his hand so that he may gain entry to Valhalla and her admitting that the thought of him in Niflheim is not one that she could bear.
    • The final meeting between Alfred and Uhtred, where the two men finally reconcile their differences, admit their great admiration for one another, and part as friends.
  • The Woobie: Mildrith.
    • Poor, poor Thyra. For a kindhearted Pollyanna with very little screen time, her story is sure heartbreaking and full of Nightmare Fuel. As a child, she has her shirt torn off by Sven, a perverted Stalker with a Crush who believes he is Entitled To Have Her, and is only saved from further assault by Uhtred. When she grows up, she's happily engaged to be married, but her family is massacred in front of her by Sven and his father. She has a brief Hope Spot when she sees Uhtred sneak onto the property, but, unfortunately, he doesn't see her. The last we see of her is when Sven vows that she will endure endless sexual torture before dragging her away. Years later, Uhtred learns that she's still alive and being held prisoner, though Skorpa's blunt and vulgar remark about her is one of the most disturbing moments in the series. She's later rescued, but only gains a few years of happiness with Beocca before she's assaulted and burned alive by a bigoted Saxon.


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