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  • Can't Un-Hear It: Chances are you'll read his lines in the voices of Roscoe Lee Browne, Michael Clarke Duncan, or Vincent D'Onofrio. Tessho Genda for Japanese fans.
  • Complete Monster: Not usually, but it has happened.
    • (The Amazing) Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin (Sega CD version): The Kingpin frames Spider-Man for the theft and intended use of a nuclear bomb, which he himself intends to use to destroy New York City as part of a plan to Take Over the World and rid himself of Spider-Man once and for all; if the player runs out of time, the bomb goes off and destroys New York just as he planned. He additionally frames Spider-Man for kidnapping and threatening to kill Mary Jane, part of a plan to lure him to his hideout for the final showdown. Should Spider-Man fail to save Mary Jane from acid in time, the Kingpin laughs and mockingly offers condolences, and if he gets defeated by Kingpin, the latter kills them both onscreen, savoring every moment. Lacking any of his comic counterpart's nobler traits, this Kingpin is willing to do anything and everything to destroy Spider-Man and New York itself.
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    • Wilson Fisk in the director's cut of 2003's Daredevil is worse than in the theatrical version. Fisk started out as a hitman who killed Matt's father, before rising into a powerful businessman and The Kingpin of crime in New York, controlling the criminal element in the city and helping criminals avoid jail time. Introduced killing two of his bodyguards for no discernible reason, when the public becomes suspicious, Fisk orders the murder of his former business partner Nikolas Natchios, intending to have him posthumously framed as the Kingpin, calling in Bullseye to do the deed. Fisk also has a prostitute murdered when she was leaking information she got from what of his associates. When Matt interrogates a Dirty Cop on Fisk's payroll, he learns that when Fisk calls a hit on someone, he has the target's whole family killed as well, with Fisk ordering Bullseye to go after Nikolas's daughter Elektra. When Daredevil finally confronts Fisk, Fisk unmasks him as Matt, telling him that his killings were "just business" and, when beaten, threatens to get his revenge on Matt by revealing his identity.
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    • What If?...Daredevil Lived in Feudal Japan?: The Giant Shogun, an adaptation of the canon Kingpin, is the massive, hedonistic boss of the Yakuza who simultaneously runs Japan through manipulating the Emperor. The Shogun regularly orders assassinations, forces innocents into slavery, and often blackmails warriors into doing his bidding, notably blinding the infant son of Old Devil to force him into servitude in exchange for the cure for the blindness. Forcing Old Devil to massacre an entire ship of Americans so as to allow one of his spies to steal weapons plans, the Shogun snaps his spy's neck when he fails, has the man's wife murdered, then begins transforming their child daughter Elektra into his personal killing machine, tormenting and raping her along the way. Years after murdering Old Devil, taunting him about the fact that there was never a cure for his son, Masahiro's, blindness, the Shogun poisons his Dragon Stick to prevent any power struggles, murders one of his own men to steal his horse when he comes under attack, and leaves the Emperor of Japan to die to cover his escape. When confronted by a now-grown Elektra and Masahiro, the Shogun orders them both be incapacitated by a marksman, wanting to draw their deaths out painfully in public later as a show of what happens to those who defy him. A sadistic, greedy scumbag who cares for no one but himself, the Giant Shogun was nowhere close to his counterpart the Kingpin in nobility, honor, or grace, substituting these for depravity and malice tenfold.
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  • Evil Is Cool: Kingpin is widely regarded as the crime lord of the Marvel Universe.
  • Jerkass Woobie: He has countless crimes to his name, but his life is equally miserable. He's tried to get out of his life of crime more than once, only to get pulled back in. The wife and son he loved have both tried to kill him, and later died. He later managed to find a new wife and family, and then he lost them too.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Marvel Comics: Wilson "The Kingpin" Fisk is Marvel's greatest gangster and a consummate survivor. Having outfought, outwitted, and outlasted everyone who has ever tried to take his place, Fisk has secured his position as both New York's reigning mobster and a fixture in the supervillain community. With the capital to dominate the city and a reach that frequently spans continents, Fisk has developed the psychological torment of heroes like Matt Murdock and Peter Parker into an art form, and has left Matt's life in particular in ruins several times over. Always too stubborn to call it quits, Fisk rolls with or shrugs off everything that Marvel's heroes and villains can throw at him, while repeatedly demonstrating that only the most capable of opponents can do the same when he brings all his resources to bear on them. Having risen, fallen, and risen again, Fisk is never out of the game for long, and is always ready to show off the criminal skill and personal gravitas that made him Kingpin of Crime in the first place.
    • Untold Tales of Spider-Man anthology: "The Ballad of Fancy Dan", by Ken Grobe and Steven A. Roman: Wilson Fisk AKA the Kingpin is as a clever and dangerous as ever. Seeking to expand his criminal empire, he convinces an Atlantic City crime boss named Martin Severino to kidnap Rudy Loyola, the adopted son of Severino's criminal rival, Joe Loyola. Kingpin then informs Spider-Man and ''Fancy'' Dan Brito (who is Rudy's biological father) of Rudy's whereabouts, with Spider-Man and Fancy Dan busting up Severino's operation, having Severino arrested by the FBI. With Severino arrested and Joe Loyola deciding to retire from crime, the Kingpin is able to take control of Atlantic City's underworld, with Spider-Man being tricked into doing the Kingpin's dirty work for him.
    • Daredevil (2015): Wilson Fisk runs a complex scheme to make himself the hero to Hell's Kitchen, all while bringing organized crime under his thumb for the supposed betterment of the city. Falling prey to his own insecurities and impulsivity, Fisk is defeated and imprisoned, but slowly rebuilds himself as more dangerous and clever than ever. Shedding his former flaws, Fisk becomes a force to be reckoned with, even arranging for the Punisher to dispose of his obstacles, outmanuevers and crushes all his opposition and arranges for his own release from prison under 'house arrest' where he still dominates organized crime as the true kingpin. Steadily manipulating others into his grasp, including the deadly FBI agent 'Dex' Pointdexer, he arranges for Dex to impersonate Daredevil on several murders as to frame him, all while rising even further and even getting his hooks into FBI agents. Even when defeated, he makes a deal with Daredevil for the safety of his beloved Vanessa and seals it with an honorable handshake, constantly showcasing himself as one of the most brilliant and skilled villains in all the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    • Spider-Man: The Animated Series: Wilson Fisk is a wealthy philanthropist, but is known amongst the criminal underworld as The Kingpin of crime. Crawling out of life of impoverishment and constant abuse, Fisk became the head of a worldwide criminal empire using the skills he honed in prison. From his headquarters within the Empire State Building, Fisk has the various gangs and supervillains in New York under his thumb. He supplies those under his employ with weapons in exchange for their complete loyalty, while taking great care to ensure they remain utterly dependent on him. Despite the constant interference of superheroes like Spider-Man, it's never enough to loosen the Kingpin's grip over Manhattan. His wealth and public image allow him to avoid the consequences of his actions, even if it means sacrificing the ones he loves the most. With schemes such as forming the Insidious Six, to framing others for his crimes, to even attacking the SHIELD Helicarrier; Fisk isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in his pursuit for absolute power.
  • My Real Daddy: Fisk's reputation in comics, his stature as Daredevil's Arch-Nemesis, and his role as the all-powerful manipulator of crime and business who is untouchable by authority, owes itself to Frank Miller and his run on Daredevil.


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