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  • Awesome Music:
    • The BGM of Chris's Incredible 20 really sets up the mood for the home stretch.
    • The Go! Team tracks used in the second game (Ladyflash, Get it Together, Panther Dash) are fun, energetic, and fit the quick and whimsical vibe of the game.
    • The song for Chapter One of Quiz Book is a delight. [1]
    • The music used for Chapter 3 of the Quizbook series.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: At many, many points.
  • Nightmare Fuel: There is a question where a disgusting somewhat deformed unhygenic face on a foot appears when you turn the light on; creating immense amounts of Squick. The Game Over screen also tends to give you an icky feeling after you've seen it like a hundred times.
    • The deformed face is actually a reference to a Worms comic Splapp made, entitled 'Eyes on Legs', in which Slick, after obtaining several facial injuries, somehow ends up getting a massive 'handsome' face, which is the face we see (except covered in zits and pimples, of course).
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    • The entirety of The Impossible Quizbook Chapter 3. It starts off normal enough with a basic time travel plot, but as you progress, things start to get really dark. Around the time when the quiz starts to recall the older questions due to the damage Chris and Norman caused to the space time continuum, you'll witness gems such as destroying a time period with the "It's the End of the World!!!" question from the first game, where you open a portal to let the meteors into the Prehistoric Age of Dinosaurs. The question where you stroke Chris will give you a game over if you touch him due to you creating a paradox, and the "Charge Your Laser" question will also cause a Game Over due to it opening a time scar. Things then start to hit you once you reach to Question 142, where lava consumes the "42" question from the first game, it then continues onto Question 144, with the wall of questions sinking into the lava, and the question boxes themselves having horrified expressions on them, and the caption reads "Why? Just...Why? (it's a clever Stealth Pun, but still a scary sight). It then continues to Question 148, which has the familiar button pattern with the word "REMEMBER?" sinking into the lava in the background, among all sorts of previously used objects from other games in the series. It's a great callback but it's terrifying at the same time, but worst of all is the final question and the ending. Instead of the final question being really hard, it just informs you that the Space-Time Continuum has been severely damaged, and all you see time scars covering the place, with a freaky black and purple void that looks like its bleeding. It then says you have to act NOW (with "now" in larger red text). You now have two choices; either you make Chris and Norman sacrifice their lives to save the space time continuum (giving you an instant game over), or you can choose to wipe The Impossible Quiz ITSELF from existence, destroying all the games in the process, but preventing anyone from screwing up as badly as Chris and Norman did. The erasure sequence isn't that much better, once Chris finally regains his sanity, it then cuts to a screen saying "ERROR 404. 'The Impossible Quiz.swf' cannot be found". The ending is supposed to mean that Chapter 3 is the Series Finale, but that's one hell of a terrifying note to go out on...
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  • Padding: The games wouldn't be nearly as Impossible if it weren't for how long it took to get back to the question a player screwed up on.
  • Real Song Theme Tune:
    • The original game loops "Gonna Fly Now" (aka the Rocky theme) and a lyric-less version of "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" by the Flaming Lips. One of the questions also plays a clip from another Flaming Lips song, namely What Is The Light?
    • The second quiz features songs from The Go! Team's Thunder, Lightning, Strike: Ladyflash, Get it Together, and Panther Dash.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Bombs. If the timer on a bomb reaches zero, the player loses instantly, regardless of lives remaining, not even allowing the player a second chance without going through all the other questions again. Adding to this, questions that require obscene dexterity are rendered even more difficult by the time limit, demanding perfect play simply to advance.
  • That One Question: Every quiz has at least one:
    • Question 102 in the first game, where you have to touch dots before they disappear. Not to mention though, eventually squares also appear, which kills you if you touch them. If you touch a square or miss a dot, not only do you lose a life, but also have to start the question from the start.
    • There is also question 106 in the first quiz, where you must keep your mouse on a road that's constantly moving and where going even slightly off kills you (think Silver Surfer for the NES). Made even harder with the Obvious Rule Patch that made right-clicking kill you as well note .
    • The second one has two:
      • Question 67, a ridiculously hard maze where your mouse cursor is invisible and half the corridors you need to go through are barely wider than the cursor itself. The preloader even lampshades this.note 
      • Question 104 has you washing seven windows by moving your mouse cursor over them until all the crud is gone. Unless you can move your mouse really really fast, you'll likely have to use a Fusestopper to stay alive, which means bye-bye, A* rank.
    • The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 1 has question 47, which is hard for the same reasons question 104 above is.
    • The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 has Pac-Frank (question 70), a scaled-down version of Pac-Man with scarily good ghost AI (not counting the blue one).
    • The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 contains question 138, or the "Charge ur lazer" question stated above. It follows the same tactic as question 104 in the second quiz.


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