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YMMV / TheHunter: Call Of The Wild

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  • Author's Saving Throw: The bear photography mission on Layton no longer expects you to somehow get both bears in one photo. You can take two separate pictures now, and the mission appears to be less bugged overall.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • On occasion, a single animal or even a whole herd of them will fail to run away and just stand there while you shoot them for easy XP. This is seen as an annoyance by some players because it's not fair if you happen to get a high-scoring animal this way, but others enjoy the glitch, especially when the game hand outs something good.
      • Similarly, animals sometimes get stuck on rocks, trees, or other objects when running away.
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    • The photography system is badly designed enough sometimes the game will accept something random as a "correct picture" for a mission's requirements, such as say, a deer completely concealed by vegetation when its supposed to be fully visible, or even a picture without a deer in it at all. To those lucky enough to experience it, it comes as a welcome relief because of how frustrating, time-consuming, and hard these missions can be.
  • That One Level: The photographing missions can be this if you hit a bug.

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