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YMMV / The History of Rome

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  • Archive Binge: The episodes are generally about half an hour long—which makes listening to THoR for hours on end, just popping one episode after another like popcorn, is ludicrously easy.
  • Archive Panic: There are over 180 episodes of THoR, now that the series is complete. It's pretty easy to be daunted—but see Archive Binge, above.
  • Schedule Slip: An occasional problem, chiefly because Duncan was a grad student through most of the podcast's run, and his life often got in the way of his writing and recording. Word of God indicates that his decision to take the podcast all the way to Odoacer after a longer hiatus (which might well have spelled the abandonment of the project altogether) was sort of a "turning point" in his own life.

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