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  • Awesome Music: Once an episode, Betsey will be shown singing a song in the hotel bar and there is a soundtrack album for the show with full versions of most of the songs on the show. Some stand out songs include:
    • Honey Trap, the song Betsey sings at the anniversary celebration is an upbeat jazz piece which sounds great.
    • September Blues and Mr Heartache, two other songs Betsey sings, also count.
    • Other artists feature on the show. In episode two, guest star Beverley Knight as the singer in the Cafe De Paris sings a brilliant cover of Marvellous Party.
    • The shows theme song Hourglass is also very dramatic and it could almost be a Bond theme.
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    • Perhaps the best song sung by Betsey is her heartbreaking rendition of A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square. There's no backing music, just Betsey quietly singing the song, clearly mourning Sonny. The original Vera Lynn version playing over the credits also qualifies as awesome music.
  • Genius Bonus: A very small one, but episode five is specifically mentioned to take place on September 7th and the series itself is set in 1940. This means that the episode is set on the day the Blitz began, and the event is accordingly portrayed in the episode. It also marks a subtle tone shift for the series.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Crossing over with Iron Woobie Lady Hamilton is one. She is often cruel and cold, but it makes sense once you learn what she's been through. She seems to find happiness with D'Aberville but he is revealed to be a Nazi spy and most likely just used her to get close to Toby, who does top secret work for the government. She ultimately ends up killing him in self-defence.
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  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The series has a heavy handed discrimination and racism is bad message, but considering recent events, this message is very relevant. This message is noticeable in various plots in the show, noticeably the discrimination against Max is shown as being wrong, and Emma 'accidentally' spills alcohol on Charity as she thinks her views are bad, specifically the view that immigrants come just to steal jobs. Mr. Garland states that while he was disappointed in Emma as a receptionist, he was proud of her as a daughter for doing that.
  • The Woobie: Several characters qualify:
    • Peggy as of episode six due to her son Billys death. In episode seven she sends her young daughter Dora to the countryside as an evacuee to keep her safe. Her breakdown at the end of episode six over Billys death is particularly heart breaking.
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    • Adil, oh boy, he is bribed into spying on Toby by D'Aberville, who does top secret government work, or else he will be outed and his family deported. Toby finds out and is furious and states he's ashamed of himself. Adil nearly commits suicide but Toby manages to save him.
    • Kate is one too. In episode three she is sexually assaulted by the French Count staying at the hotel in episode six her love interest Billy is killed off, and we see her breaking down in a storage closet while clutching an orange she planned to share with him.

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