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YMMV / The Haddock Chronicles

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  • The Woobie: Elsa is definitely this.
    Elsa hesitated and looked down at her feet, but she told her tale: How she and her sister had been playing, the snow piles had gotten bigger, and her sister Anna was going too fast and got ahead of Elsa. How Elsa slipped and out of desperation flung her magic out wildly and struck her sister. How her parents took them to the trolls. He had to stop her and have her repeat that part. To be fair, when one lives in a world of dragons and girls with magic, why should trolls be the odd one out. He was really, really tempted to ask for more details on the trolls, particularly on whether or not they actually stole only the left socks. She told him about Anna's altered memories, Elsa being too dangerous, and the forced separation, about how her sister would come up to her door, begging her to play. He knew that Astrid was listening in and that her heart was breaking, he knew because his own heart was breaking.

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