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YMMV / The Green Ember

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  • Complete Monster: Morbin Blackhawk is the leader of the Lords of Prey and is responsible for the horrid state the country of Natalia is in. After slaying King Jupiter Goodson, Morbin teamed up with Redeye Garlackson, and together they razed the Great Wood, killing or kidnapping countless innocent rabbits. Those who weren't corrupted by Morbin were forced to become his slaves and servants, where they're constantly abused for showing even hints of defiance. Morbin and the Lords of Prey also occasionally take some of the child slaves away from their families so Morbin and the other birds can eat them. During his crusade to find the Green Ember, Morbin sends Redeye and his wolves around Natalia to look for it, where they burn down various settlements and kill anyone in their way. Eager to crush the rabbits' resistance, Morbin uses traitorous rabbits and his hordes of wolves and birds to attack the resistance, culminating in the alleged death of Prince Smalls and the massacre of hundreds of rabbits. As the resistance continues to fend off Morbin's forces and interfere with his plans, he and the Lords of Prey order their subordinates to kill all of the child slaves solely as a show of force against the other slaves. After the resistance rescues most of the slaves, Morbin and all of his forces attack First Warren, where they slaughter thousands of soldiers and civilians during the final battles.

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