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YMMV / The Good Fight

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  • Awesome Music: The opening theme, especially when it's played over the opening sequence of random objects exploding.
  • Designated Hero:
    • The main cast became this in season three, in the eyes of a lot of people. In spite of their highbrow ultra liberal ways and claims of moral superiority against Donald Trump, Adrien, Diane, and the rest of the firm are more than willing to cover up the fact that the law firm founder (a famed civil rights leader) was a rapist and sexual predator who terrorized the women at the firm: raping, sexually assaulting them, forcing them to have sex to keep their jobs, and other assorted forms of sexual predator behavior. This is made worse, with the way that the episode has Diane, during her "Footman of the King" monologue, making several derogatory references to Brett Kavanaugh (Supreme Court Justice accused of sexual assault) "not being a real man worth admiration" while being a willing participant in hiding Carl Reddick's crimes of sexual assault for the sake of his legacy/protecting the firm from being rightfully called hypocrites and frauds. The episode even ends with Diane, not leaking the information of the rapes to a reporter investigating the firm over said whispers of sexual abuse by a founder, but to leak information about a porn star/mistress to Trump who claimed that she had an abortion.
    • There's also how Diane's "Book Club" basically turns to "swatting" to get rid of Trump supporters. Diane is shown to be outraged by this but considering her actions over the season (including helping start the group and not telling them their founder was a con artist using her), it comes off poorly.
    • Diane is this when the executive partners bring up the fact how bizarre it is that a white woman is the Senior Partner in a historically black firm in Season 5. Played with as it also is now owned by a much-larger non-black corporate firm that doesn't have any interest in its agenda anyway. So it's literally just optics.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Roland Blum, the deliciously hammy and gloriously obnoxious Amoral Attorney, played to perfection by Michael Sheen.
  • Love to Hate: Roland Blum is so conceited, hedonistic, rude, and overall awful that the audience hates him as much as the other characters do... but thanks to Michael Sheen's stellar performance and some fantastic lines, you can't help but enjoy him in spite of it.
  • Narm: Much of Judge Wackner's "Fake Court" plotline stretched the bounds of credulity and how the law would actually function once a private citizen started sentencing people.
  • Memetic Mutation: The "so say it" scene where Adrian Boseman baits racist TV hosts over saying the n-word regularly goes viral and confuses people into thinking it's a real news clip.