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YMMV / The Golden Age

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  • Complete Monster: The Big Bad Duumvirate, Adolf Hitler and the Ultra-Humanite, aim to Take Over the World. During World War II, the Ultra-Humanite performed inhumane experiments on German prisoners to perfect his process to take over bodies, killing all the scientists who helped him, before placing his mind inside superhero Tex Thompson. Becoming an American senator, the Ultra-Humanite places Hitler's brain inside another superhero, Dynaman, and the duo begin plotting to take over America and launch a war on all Communist countries. When exposed at a press conference, Hitler attacks, killing many civilians in his rampage, while ranting he will use his newfound power to conquer the planet with force.
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  • My Real Daddy: James Robinson's status as the Real Daddy of Starman (and subsequent Starmen) began here, by giving Ted Knight depth he had never had before.

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