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YMMV / The Girl Who Owned a City

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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Given that Lisa is a twelve-year-old girl taking most of her ideas about property from a book that is implied to be Atlas Shrugged, a possible interpretation of her character is that she is merely reiterating the ideas presented in it without thinking critically about them, as a child would be likely to do.
  • Anvilicious - Simply due to being a book where the message eclipses the story.
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  • Designated Villain: Jill
  • Strawman Has a Point: Jill
  • What an Idiot!: Lisa commits two blatant violations of common sense in rapid succession near the end of the book (and somehow, neither one comes back to bite her):
    • First, when Tom says that he wants to talk with Lisa, she agrees to this and puts her gun down on the table. Tom ends up with the gun and Lisa ends up surrounded by his Mooks with no way to defend herself. Even she acknowledges the idiocy of falling for such an obvious trick. But it doesn't end there.
    • Second, she lays into Tom with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech about what a coward he is and how he has to steal from other people because he's too scared to try and earn anything himself. Again, he has a gun pointed at her and she's surrounded by his Mooks. This gets under Tom's skin and causes him to retreat, allowing Lisa to retake the city, but a more realistic setting would have most likely had Lisa end up with a bullet lodged in her skull.


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