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YMMV / The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

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  • The Woobie: Oh Saturday. Let's look at what all that poor kid went through. He first watched his family be kidnapped by the Marquess. He himself was captured and locked in a cage, and alludes to her beating him up whenever she wants him to grant her wishes. The only means of defending himself that he gets in those cases is a wooden sword. And he makes it clear that he doesn't like fighting other people, and just wants a quiet, peaceful life. Which September is forced to deny him at the end, when they have to wrestle so he can grant her wish to get everyone to safety. He has no choice but to beat up the girl who saved him. Heck, when a character's first reaction to being sprung from prison is to ask the rescuer "Will you beat me if I say no?", it's safe to say they're a woobie.
    • Hawthorne/Thomas, in the fourth book. He's a troll baby taken to be a changeling in a human family and is not happy about it at all. When turned into a human baby, he initially can't speak and is frustrated by his inability to communicate with various objects. As he grows up, he forgets that he's a troll but keeps his strange behavior, causing his father to constantly wonder why he can't be normal. He's popular with his classmates, but his teacher seriously thinks he needs professional help. His best friend is a changeling as well and while she and her parents at least know it, her fragile wooden body means that she breaks easily, she knows she wasn't made to live long, and she has to find ways to channel her urge to destroy things in ways that don't upset her parents.

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