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YMMV / The Genesis of Jenny Everywhere

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  • Genius Bonus: Kind of, if you understand the British further education system and interpret the story a certain way. The subjects Jenny is studying include Geography, Biology, possibly English and Further Maths- which you can only take if you're already taking Maths. This implies that Jenny could be taking as many as five A-levels- the norm is three, four at most for first-year AS; which just shows how far her Education Mama is pushing her. (This may be made clearer in further updates, though.)
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  • Les Yay: though probably not obvious to most, the author himself was starting to see this sort of thing with Jenny and Leelee whilst reading back over his own work (with the whole Manic Pixie Dream Girl / not interested in boys reference); not wishing to imply such, "Word of God" is basically that both characters are asexual (something he already had in mind for his incarnation of Jenny).
  • Unfortunate Implications: May arise out of the following:
    • The fact that Jenny appears to be half-white-English and half-something-else compared to the stock description of Jenny Everywhere.
    • Possibly the over-the-top Education Mama aspect of Jenny's mother might be seen as stereotypical, and her treatment as a not-too-sympathetic character, which may be revised for later versions.

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