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  • Narm: For most of The Tyrant's last act, the actual plot development is almost always going on before sex, after sex, with the influence of sex, with some reference to sex, or some combination of the above. In fact, both of the book's main couples seem to do most of their non-essential interaction through sex. They never just eat dinner, go for a walk, watch the sunset, or have any strictly non-sexual romantic activities. Jeschonyk goes from a character without any notable character at all (in the previous book, by another writer) to a notorious "lecher" with a harem of slave girls, and Flint alludes to Jeschonyk's...interactions with them as much as possible without explicit sexual descriptions. Aside from his political skills and friendship with Demansk, Jeschonyk has absolutely no other character traits. And even those are secondary to the sex stuff.

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