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  • Author's Saving Throw: After some heavy backlash from players regarding some questionable content in the modnote , said content was removed in a series of post-launch patches.
  • Canon Defilement: The Enclave somehow still has a noticeable presence in the west despite being wiped out and any remnants being systematically hunted down by the NCR.note  And that's not even getting to them having a orbital space base when no human faction in the vanilla games was able to do the same after the nuclear war happened.
    • The Northern Legion has a female slavemaster, despite the fact that New Vegas makes it clear that Caesar's Legion is a misogynistic faction and would never allow females in their ranks. This is Hand Waved by claiming that the Northern Legion has more "liberal views" towards mass education due to not being under direct Caesar's influence, but it's still jarring. note 
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  • Cliché Storm: One of the more prevalent complaints about the plot is that it often borrows scenes from shooters such as Modern Warfare, Spec Ops: The Line, Dead Space, and several others. In some cases the 'borrowing' comes dangerously close to outright plagiarism, like a series of segments in ARCHIMEDES II which many players quickly pointed out were lifted wholesale from Wolfenstein: The New Order.
  • Designated Hero: General Blackthorne is made out to be a noble and compassionate military leader, while General Lee Oliver is described as a warmonger. However, for such a 'compassionate' man who 'cares about his men', Blackthorne is the first to advocate for euthanising the injured soldiers outside of Helios rather than attempting to render any medical aid, will execute any soldier who tries to leave the Frontier, and sends an entire squad to rescue one captive soldier then claims he didn't care a whole lot for the soldiers in question when many of them ended up being killed in the process of that rescue mission. So he's not quite as saintly as the story wants to make him look.
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  • Designated Villain: While anyone who has played the base game will agree that General Oliver isn't a nice person by any stretch of the imagination, him refusing to release the conscripts when a major war has just started and the NCR is barely holding onto Hoover Dam following the Legion's surprise attack is quite understandable. The fact that the Exiles defend Blackthorne by saying he led them to the Frontier to keep them safe and he had no idea the Legion would show up and attack them feels like a Double Standard, considering the fact that Oliver also had no idea the Legion would attack them.
  • Idiot Plot: Tiberius Rancor only gets as far as he does because no one in the NCR Exiles realizes he's so obviously a spy until it's too late. You don't even get the option to point this out from the beginning. Infuriatingly, the game only lets you reveal you suspected Rancor AFTER he has achieved all his goals, at which point a character chastises you for not pointing it out sooner!
  • Memetic Mutation
    • "Why would I want to join a racist, fascist paramilitary organization that is objectively evil?" Explanation 
    • The Sneedclave Explanation 
    • "You prevented Silus from being interrogated." Explanation 
    • Hunt Down the Frontier Explanation 
  • Misblamed: Blackthorne is commonly mocked for his anger over the Legion-NCR War in the Mojave, and defecting from the military... only to enter another meat grinder war in Oregon. However, if you actually talk to Blackthrone's troops they mention that Blackthorne only came here to get away from the war and create his own splinter faction of NCR outcasts, and had no idea that there would be a Legion presence beforehand. One member of the group even lampshades "You're not the first person to mock us for that.", when you choose the "So he took you from one pointless war... only to fight in another pointless war." dialogue option.
  • Narm:
    • In the Archimedes space station level, one of the monsters in the cutscene rushes to attack you... but due to the unnecessary slow motion effects and problems with the model, it looks more like it’s waddling towards you.
    • The game makes a few attempts at metanarrative storytelling, with characters criticizing the Courier and by extension the player for taking actions without considering the consequences of their actions à la Spec Ops: The Line. Instead, many players found the attempts comical, with the effort being considered far too blunt and on the nose to be taken seriously.
    • During the flashback about the NCR's attack on HELIOS One, General Blackthorne will approach the player and order him to put all injured NCR soldiers out of their misery, as they don't have enough resources to take care of all the wounded. It is a poignant scene, but the way Blackthorne speaks (coupled with his sighing) makes him seem either mildly annoyed or bored, instead of conflicted or sad. The fact that you have to do this in plain view of dozens of NCR soldiers (after Blackthorne ordered you to keep it discreet) who barely even react to you killing the wounded makes it worse.
      • Additionally, by the end of the flashback, we're treated with a shot of Gray miserably standing alone in the war-torn field, shaken from having to kill his comrades. But then it keeps going... and going... and going. Then it just stops being sad and you start wondering if the game glitched out.
      • And prior to the battle itself, the NCR troopers are sitting around and exchanging the most cliche 'I got a girl back home' dialogue imaginable. Sure enough, you have to euthanise that same trooper, which the game plays up as a major tragedy even though he only has about a minute of presence in the story.
    • At one point, the player will have a weighty dialogue with an NCR trooper who was captured by the Legion and used as a Sex Slave. One of the player's response options is quoting a Metal Gear meme.
    • Characters in the Frontier have a tendency to address the player character as 'Courier.' All the time. Which in itself is somewhat jarring when only a handful of characters in the base game call you the 'Courier', but it becomes a little silly when you realise that all these characters are basically saying 'mailman' in a tone of utter reverence.
    • After Rancor betrays the NCR by killing Blackthorne and framing you for the nuking of Sac-Town, he returns to the Frontier base and gives a speech about how the Courier was the one responsible for the nuclear launch. But when the camera switches to the perspective of the crowd, his voice is too low due to audio mixing issues, giving the unintentionally hilarious impression that he's too far away and the crowd can't hear him. Poor guy should have grabbed a megaphone or something.
  • Obvious Judas: There's a Legion spy in the NCR Exiles' ranks! Who could it possibly be? How about the guy with an obvious Latin name, who simply cannot stop giving cryptic answers when asked about their history and motivations? The real plot twist is that nobody thought to question Tiberius Rancor before everything went to Hell.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: The mod quickly came under fire for its questionable writing regarding the Fallout series lore and dialogue options which drew the ire of some devs on the development team in response to that. One dev in particular was discovered by 4chan to be a furry artist that illustrates "foalcon" (pornographic depictions of pony toddlers) leading to The Frontier being temporarily removed from the Nexus and the dev in question being let go and all of his work on the mod being removed, which included a large chunk of the item icons.
  • Play the Game, Skip the Story: It's generally agreed that the mod is an impressive technical achievement, seamlessly adding features like vehicles and cutscenes to an outdated engine never meant to support them, and the new worldspace adds plenty to explore with interesting side activities. The main story, though, could charitably be called amateur fanfic-tier. And that's not even touching the now-infamous Squick sidequests.
  • The Scrappy
    • The Crusaders are considered this by some, having some of the mod's most poorly-written dialogue and America. The worst part is that if you hurt America in any way besides enslavement, the Crusaders will automatically be hostile to you, with disastrously lethal consequences if done near their headquarters. Let's Player "BraveSirLoin" disliked them so much that he killed their leaders and left.
    • The NCR Exiles can also come off as this due to many of the questionable decisions they make during their campaign, such as sending in and losing multiple vertibirds and an entire spec-ops squad to rescue one person who has been with them for a single mission, and for failing to notice that the Legion spy in their ranks is the man constantly wearing sunglasses named Tiberius Rancor.
    • The Trochili, mentioned below in more detail, also became a great source of scorn upon release for feeling massively out of place in Fallout, and the heavily fetishistic writing behind them naturally left many players uncomfortable. Doesn't help that you can't eliminate them.
  • Squick:
    • On release, the Courier could pass a Speech check to make America, an emotionally vulnerable girl in her later teens at the oldest, their slave. While the devs have stated that she wasn't meant to be a Sex Slave, many still felt the implication of sexual slavery due to the optics of the situation, and repeatedly mention it when criticizing the mod. The devs responded by removing the dialogue option in later builds.
    • America also had an uncomfortably descriptive line about what her feet must smell like after running around in her boots with the Courier for so long. As expected, this didn't sit well with many players and the line was subsequently removed.
    • Another female character, Mae, will talk extensively with the player about how she spends most of her free time drawing porn, wants to go out to the wastelands to do drugs and have sex, and will (sarcastically) offer the player her virginity as a reward for learning that her brother is sick. Unlike America, Mae is explicitly confirmed in the text of her dialogue to be under the age of 18. note 
    • A race of strange humanoid snakes known as the Trochili live in the sewers under Portland. They all participate in a strange sex cult between humans who are "strangely attracted" to them, using them as breeders. To top it off, a potential reward for completing their series of quests is having sex with their queen, Juno. We're serious. The discovery of this led to many denouncing the mod as nothing but fetish fuel.
      • It's worth noting that one of the very first submods released for The Frontier was one that allows the player to just bypass the whole section and every quest part related to it, by blowing up the sewer with a set of mininukes before the snake creatures are ever encountered. The reason why the Courier does this is only explained in the mod as them getting a sudden vague, but very foreboding feeling that whatever is in the sewer simply shouldn't be allowed to exist.
    • There's a Deathclaw you could find in an unmarked cave who is described as having "lust in her eyes". What follows after is several different dialogue options where all but one lead to implications of you having sex with a Deathclaw. The backlash that came after this discovery led to the developers removing the encounter entirely.note 
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Political?: The developers really want you to hate the Enclave. Among other things, they apply No Campaign for the Wicked for them and consider them a "fascist power fantasy" for "Trump supporters". They also made the Portland chapter a bunch of Ax-Crazy Omnicidal Maniacs led by a Mad Scientist.