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YMMV / The Fortune Cookie

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  • Funny Moments:
    • Willie Gingrich is about one of the worst fathers you'll ever meet. But he speaks in such a deadpan tone about everything you'll laugh anyway.
    Charlotte: (as her and Will's kids skateboard around the hospital's hallway) Children! Jeffery, Ginger, cut that out. This is a hospital.
    Willie: Let 'em. If they're gonna break a leg, this is the place to do it.
    • Professor Winterhalter seems to have forgotten the doctors code "Do no harm".
    Winterhalter: All these newfangled machines. Fake! It proves nothing. In the old days, we used to do these things better. The man says he's paralyzed, we simply throw him in the snake pit. If he climbs out, then we know he's lying.
    Random Specialist: (rightfully shocked) And if he doesn't climb out?
    Winterhalter: Then we have lost the patient, but we have found an honest man.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Whoa, Nellie!. The play-by-play commentator in the game where Harry Hinkle gets run over by Cleveland Browns return specialist Luther "Boom Boom" Jackson is future ABC college football broadcasting legend Keith Jackson.


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