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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Terra in this story is interpreted as having faked her amnesia to live as an Ordinary High-School Student. To be fair, it was fairly heavily implied in the episode proper that she doesn't really have amnesia, but there's also the idea that she doesn't want to hurt anyone as Terra like she did in the past.
  • Canon Defilement: The fic treats Beast Boy's alternate form as something he can't control at all so as to make the other Titans' scolding of him for attacking two girls unjustified, even though in the battle against Trigon's army, BB is shown using it, showing he's learned to control it since then.
    • On the Super Paper Mario side of things, the Dark Prognosticus was merely a tome of unknown origin that foretold the future and the end of all worlds, in turn brought about by the birth of the Chaos Heart. The Light Prognosticus, in turn, was created as a counter to the end of days, telling the story from a more optimistic light and foretelling how to stop it all. Here, the Dark Prognosticus itself is not only a spell book as well, but also sentient enough to murder Beast Boy so he could become Count Logan, and the Light Prognosticus is an Amplifier Artifact that exists to give a Chosen One (Terra) enough power to properly stop the Dark Prognosticus' wielder. The Dark Prognosticus is also described as a creation of Trigon, who deemed its power too destructive to properly use, and yet it somehow ended up in Raven's room, in spite of its ambiguous origins in its home game. Also, the Dark Prognosticus has The Punisher's skull symbol on its front cover.
  • Captain Obvious Reveal:
    • Count Logan being Beast Boy would have been a huge plot twist... The only problem being that we focus on him for the first two chapters with enough information that when the slightest hint is given, it's instead obvious. For starters, Beast Boy's real name is Garfield Logan, and the story goes to great lengths to show the name. It also goes to great lengths to showcase his relation to Terra and his reason for why he became Count Logan in the first place, right down to using a clip from the show constantly, to the point where when they show it again and this time, with the names muted, it's downright obvious. Especially since two of the words that weren't muted were Teen Titan.
    • If you catch on that this is a Whole Plot Reference to Super Paper Mario, then it wouldn't surprise you that Dr. Beljar, the Dimentio Expy, would backstab Beast Boy and seek to remake the world in his image. Not that it would help considering all the times he does traitor monologues.
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  • Common Knowledge: It's often assumed by readers that, because Sir Vile and Medeva have lightning- and fire-based powers respectively and Kamica's powers glow blue, Kamica's powers are ice-based when, in actuality, they're not.
  • Designated Villain: Terra's friends in chapters 1 and 2. They're treated as antagonists for keeping Beast Boy from seeing Terra. Consider the Titan in question's willingness to stalk Terra which, understandably, creeps the girls out. When he refuses to let up, they beat up on him like they'd promised earlier, and Terra accidentally gets hurt in the crossfire, causing Beast Boy to uncontrollably go into beast mode and nearly rip the poor girls a new one. You're supposed to feel justified in sticking up for Beast Boy when his fellow Titans yell at him and see the girls as Asshole Victims, but it instead comes across as two girls protecting their friend from a potential creeper and physically suffering for it.
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  • Draco in Leather Pants: Terra has a realization in Chapter 8 that she should become a superhero again, and while it's going on, the narrator flat out tells us that Terra wasn't a bad person, but rather misunderstood.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Logan's minions (excluding Dr. Beljar). To some fans, their Undying Loyalty and eventual Heroic Sacrifice/Redemption Equals Death made them far more likable than Logan himself. It helps that they feel more like their own characters instead of just slapped-on clones of O'Chunks, Mimi, Nastasia, or Mr. L, which Logan and Beljar tried and failed to do with Count Bleck and Dimentio respectively. Kamica especially gets this treatment because of her design, and she wasn't even made by Mykan to begin with; she was made by a fan of his.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Count Logan's attire consists of Count Bleck's hat and cane, a black latex suit that goes up to his head, what appears to be a recolor of Slade's mask and a cape that looks like it was ripped straight from a Digimon villain.
  • Fight Scene Failure: The part in which Count Logan beats up his enemies with his cane is especially poorly animated. For example, he and Terra jump at each other, and he seemingly hits her in the shoulder, only to cut to him hitting her on the chin and her kicking him in the chest, resulting in both falling to the ground, not to mention that some of the sounds of the fight get repeated.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • This wouldn't be the first time a masked villain in Teen Titans simply went with his real name.
    • Count Logan's name has a bit of a hindsight Meaningful Name, as the name is a derivative of the Gaelic word lagan, which means hollow. Recall how the Dark Prognosticus' requirements to reading and unlocking its power is that one needs an empty heart.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Mykan's reasons for creating this story become extremely laughable when the finale to another one of his stories, Cyborg Davis, has an ending that's exactly like the ending to Things Change. Beat. For. Beat. Word of God states that he did it on purpose in order to punish Kari for not hooking up with Davis (yes, really).
  • Memetic Mutation: The paragraph describing Copy Cat's appearance mentions that he's covered in fur, specifically noting "the space between his legs". Naturally, "Copy Cat's pubic hair" became a running joke among riffers.
  • Moe: Kamica can come across as this. Being a reskin of Starfire probably helps (for once). Funnily enough, she was created by a fan of Mykan, so it's no wonder this is the case.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Count Logan (a.k.a. Beast Boy) crosses this by having his minions destroy Tamaran for the sole purpose of spiting Starfire and Robin's coupling.
  • Narm: Several things.
    • Beast Boy's tombstone saying: "Driven insane by the negligence of humanity and fate", as it sounds less dramatic and more like something out of a So Bad, It's Good Half-Life fanfic.
    • It's hard to find the monsters in Count Logan's castle intimidating when one of them is quite literally a Crobat from Pokémon.
    • When Beast Boy writes his farewell letter to the Teen Titans, he accidentally spills soda on the letter, then adds an additional note telling them to think of the stains as his tears as he runs away. This is already pretty silly as it is for what is supposed to be a dramatic scene... then someone found out he took the idea from an episode of ALF.
    • Terra's face after Beast Boy tells his backstory in the first chapter. It's supposed to be shock and regret, but it looks like she just found out the last cookie was taken. It even shows up during the "Magic Voices" segment.
      Beast Boy: "I dunno what's happenin' tooooo me..."
    • Copy Cat and Dr. Beljar's designs in the video version. The former is just Robin in a catsuit while the latter is a cyborg with Gizmo's face on it. Beljar can be made even more hilarious if you decide to read his dialogue in Gizmo's voice, especially his betrayal dialogue.
    • The framing device of the original version, Things Change and the End, is literally just the What-If Machine from Futurama, complete with the Twist Ending where the Framing Device is a story within a story. There's also the fact that Nobel Von-Richter, a stereotypical German scientist, suddenly bursts into a rendition of "Pure Imagination" complete with a note saying that he sounds exactly like Gene Wilder.
    • Believe it or not, this isn't just a Revenge Fic for Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Terra, and the Doom Patrol; it's one for Beast Boy as well for not getting Terra. As such, he has him run away from home, get killed by a book, become a Count Bleck expy, throw an extended universe-ending temper tantrum, get betrayed and forcibly turned into a dragon by one of his own minions, and then die from injuries sustained within the battle. Kind of extreme for not getting your "one true love".
    • Beast Boy's Famous Last Words: "DUDE...!!" It's not exactly dramatic or dignified, and ends up making his suicide gut-bustingly hilarious for all the wrong reasons.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Even though the story isn't very well written, there's something to be said about Count Logan: an Omnicidal Maniac out to destroy every world solely because they led better lives than him, and because Terra rejected him. So essentially, no one is safe. And unlike Count Bleck, of whom he's based on, Logan has no sympathetic qualities whatsoever aside from his childhood background.
  • Ron the Death Eater: It's hard to tell, but the author was aiming for this portrayal of the Titans, even though Beast Boy's Wangst, stalking, descent into outright villainy, and eventual death are behavior commonly associated with characters who get this treatment... And this is his Creator's Pet.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Some people have found it unintentionally hilarious, at least compared to the author’s other works. Especially the video version with bad special effects galore.
  • Special Effects Failure: Essentially all of the special effects in the animated version, but Count Logan's dragon form breathing fire stands out.
  • Strawman Has a Point: The narration indicates that other Teen Titans and Terra are to blame for everything that happened to Beast Boy (the latter for wanting to move on and live a normal life without him, and the former for not being supportive of him). However, since Beast Boy ends up essentially stalking Terra, steals a book from Raven's room, and ultimately becomes the villain known as Count Logan, who destroys entire worlds (including Tamaran) for the purpose of spiting Starfire and Robin for being a couple, one has to suspect that they're right for scolding BB and that he should really should move on from Terra.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Beast Boy is this, even before he becomes Count Logan and starts destroying entire worlds. He is supposed to be seen as a guy tragically separated from his true love and betrayed by his friends; but his whining over Terra wanting a normal life, even one away from him, easily qualifies as Wangst, he essentially stalks Terra, and he resigns from the Titans because, after they call him out on beating up Terra's friends, he's convinced none of them like or appreciate him. Meanwhile, Count Logan being a Count Bleck Expy means he is also intended as a Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, but this is undermined by his sheer Adaptational Villainy by comparison. Bleck carried a heavier implication of corruption, underwent a crisis from Tippi's mere presence, actually wanted the good guys to stop him and was pleased when they did, and then helped fix everything via Heroic Sacrifice. Logan's Face–Heel Turn comes across as more voluntary, he actively invokes Kick the Morality Pet on Terra, and he's ultimately a stubborn and Wangsty Sore Loser.
  • Wangst: Beast Boy's reaction to getting dumped by Terra and being lightly teased by other people... and this is him at his most reasonable.
  • Why Would Anyone Take Him Back?: At the end, Beast Boy and Terra reconcile before he dies despite the atrocities he committed.


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