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  • Harsher in Hindsight: In "Cleaning Out My Closet", Eminem raps about how his father had walked out on him and his mother when he was little, with such lyrics as "Wonder if he even kissed me goodbye? / No, I don't. On second thought, I just fuckin' wish he would die!" On June 26, 2019, Marshall Bruce Mathers Jr. (Eminem's dad) died of a heart attack at age 67. He pretty much confirmed that he still thinks this way on the song "Leaving Heaven" from Music to Be Murdered By, where Em reveals that he didn't feel sorry for his dad's death, since he was never there for him. On a more positive note, he also says that if it weren't for his father's neglect, he wouldn't be the man he is today.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During the third verse in "Without Me" Eminem takes a shot at Moby, claiming "Nobody listens to Techno!" Several years later, Kesha, Lady Gaga and other techno-based artists take over the charts, though techno was popular in the 1990s too, as Moby's Play (1999) was a gigantic success even then. Just as hilariously, the year "Without Me" came out (2002), Kylie Minogue and her electro-poppy "Cant Get You Out of My Head" take over the charts worldwide, as — of course — does Moby with "We Are All Made of Stars."
    • Also, Eminem is dressed up like Robin in the music video for "Without Me". 13 years later, the Robin of Batman: Arkham Knight has a Comic-Book Fantasy Casting when he looks like Eminem in the similar look and feel.
    • Becomes equally hilarious as the "Rapmobile" in the "Without Me" video is a Lamborghini Murcielago (Spanish for "bat"). In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne himself would drive a Murcielago.
    • Additionally, near the end of the video is a sequence in which Eminem, dressed as Osama bin Laden, is chased down by D12, a group mostly comprised of black rappers, and forced to surrender. In 2011, half-black US President Barack Obama would actually succeed in tracking down and killing bin Laden.
  • Ho Yay: "All this time me and Dre have been fuckin' with hats off!" a song in which he unfavorably compares retiring as a musician to a lifetime of performing cunnilingus.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Without Me" spawned two over the years:
    • "Guess who's back...back again? [X] is back. Tell a friend." This particular one has been so enduring and spread so far past the Eminem fanbase that a good number of people first hear it without realizing it came from an Eminem song.
    • "Now this looks like a job for me," typically used as a punchline to jokes in which an individual offers to partake in certain acts, typically of the comedically heinous variety.
  • Narm: "Have you ever been hated or discriminated against? I have. I've been protested and demonstrated against". It's arguably made worse by his pouty tone while he raps those lines.
  • Sampled Up: "Sing for the Moment" for Aerosmith's "Dream On".
  • Signature Song: Originally, "Without Me" was the most recognizable song from the album, but, in recent years, "'Till I Collapse", despite never being released as a single, has tied it in popularity.
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  • Tough Act to Follow: This was arguably Eminem's most praised album in terms of fans and critics, as later albums (especially Encore and Revival) such as Relapse, Recovery, Kamikaze, and even Music to Be Murdered By were somewhat mixed to alright.


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