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YMMV / The Devil Bat

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  • Complete Monster: Dr. Paul Carruthers is a delusional, misanthropic chemist with a wrathful bent. When the perfume he designed becomes a major success after he sold his share in the company and left, Carruthers decides to murder the owners of the company along with their entire families, using a bat shocked with electric rays and grown to a titanic size and trained to murder at the scent of a specific aftershave. Offering the aftershave as a "gift", Carruthers uses it the bat to murder one of the owners along with his sons and future son-in law, with the owner's daughter being narrowly saved by a closed window. Willing to murder more than just his targets for petty reasons, Carruthers attempts to use the aftershave to murder an uninvolved reporter who gets too close to finding out the truth. When sprayed with the aftershave himself, Carruthers attempts to chase the daughter down to take her with him, caring only for his twisted and disproportionate vengeance..