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YMMV / The Delta Force

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  • Acceptable Targets: The film centers around a plane hijacking by a group of Lebanese terrorists.
  • Awesome Music: The main theme by Alan Silvestri is so good, it was adopted as the background music for Paul Page's famous teases for ABC's coverage of the Indianapolis 500 from 1988 to 1998, and again in 2001, though that particular tease was narrated by Al Michaels. When NASCAR's Brickyard 400 started in 1994, similar teases were done for that until 1996, and again in 1998. The final 400 tease was narrated by Bob Jenkins. So associated with Page are these teases, that he won't let ABC do them for the 500 anymore unless he narrates them. When Page replaced Mike King as the lead announcer on Indy Car Radio in 2014, he carried the main theme with him. It was used as the network's theme for its Indy 500 coverage for 2014, before returning to the modern instrumental of The Singing Hoosiers' 1961 tune, "The 500", in 2015.
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  • Narm: The characters in the poster are drawn such way that it looks like they're firing their weapons, even though they were clearly just posing with them originally.
  • Nightmare Fuel: When the German stewardess is ordered at gunpoint to pick out the passports with Jewish names. She recoils in horror and, with tears in her eyes, begs, "You don't understand! I'm German! You can't make me do this!"
    • For obvious reasons, this is a special Moral Event Horizon for her nationality, and she's being dragged across it against her will. It is utterly agonizing to watch. Especially when the terrorist, utterly unsympathetic, snaps at her that six million dead Jews was not enough.
  • Tearjerker: Pete's death right after the team has escaped with all the hostages safely rescued.
    • The death of one of the navy divers is especially gutwrenching, as he had been beaten to a bloody pulp just to make a point to the rest of the passengers and then executed during the botched assault to further illustrate the seriousness of the terrorists' demands.
    • The stewardess forced to name all the Israeli passengers aboard the plane for the reasons mentioned above. You can tell it is destroying her to be part of something so heinous.
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    • The Israeli intelligence operative that provided Delta Force with the location of the hostages on Tel Aviv (who happens to be a priest) gets his church searched by the terrorists (the leader is not doing it out of any actual pragmatic reason — he just suspects the man because he's a Christian) and gets found talking on the radio with his superiors. The priest tells the leader "yes, my son, God will forgive you" and is dragged back to the terrorists' headquarters... and breaks out long enough to shout to Scott and Pete (who are watching from a van across the road) to run before being unceremoniously machine-gunned by the leader.

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