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YMMV / The Deed of Paksenarrion

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  • Nightmare Fuel: The main character is captured by evil creatures and forced to fight for her life in an arena for their amusement, then once she's rescued is condemned for not having resisted unto death and stripped of her powers and courage. Wandering the world as an ordinary person, she's abused in various ways for a long time. Also, Another character is captured by another villain and castrated. The description is not graphic, but very matter-of-fact.
    • All of which pales in comparison to the final arc of the third book, in which Paks willingly surrenders herself to the priests of Liart for five days and nights in order to give the Duke and his men time to reach Lyonya. She spends five days being publicly shorn, flogged, whipped, burnt, bled, crippled and raped, and only the intervention of her gods restores her body to health.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off:
    • Not only is the novel series based on the Dungeons & Dragons Paladin, Liart and Archnya are basically Loviatar (who was stolen from Finnish Mythology to begin with) and Lolth.
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    • Also, Gird is what happens to St. Cuthbert when you do a Jerkassectomy.
    • The village of Brewersbridge and the ruin from Divided Allegiance is taken right from AD&D module T1: The Village of Hommlet: the town, the druid, the ruin with the bandits and the rest.

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