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YMMV / The Day of Revolution

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  • Values Dissonance:
    • Upon discovering their female chromosomes, Kei/Megumi's consent to transitioning from male to female is handled very loosely. Because of their troubled personal life, they immediately announce they'll become a girl, having assumed doing otherwise was just delaying the inevitable. When Kei/Megumi's doctor points out intersex people can and do go on without any corrective surgery, they instantly change their mind. Their parents refuse for comically petty, selfish reasons (they got really excited over having a daughter and already bought a bunch of girl's clothes). It's half a year later that we're shown Megumi decided (at an unknown point) that she really would rather be female. Parents forcing or coercing intersex children into reassignment is controversial amongst intersex people (and has only gotten more controversial since the manga was written), so it's rather tasteless that such an important decision on Kei/Megumi's is played as both a joke and then handled as an afterthought.
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    • For a work covering a queer-related issue, the manga has an incredibly stringent, prescriptive portrayal of gender. Megumi concludes completely redefining her gender identity under a new name was necessary because being a "complete" (i.e. very close to biologically typical) female is that much better than an "incomplete" (i.e. intersex) male. It's not helped that Megumi's assessment completely ignores how she could have sex confirmed to male. After Megumi does transition, behaving as traditionally feminine as possible is treated as a completely imperative for her to be a girl. All of these go completely unquestioned, and the idea that Megumi's rushed transition could be a mistake is never brought up.

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