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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Comes right out of nowhere in the Resident Evil 1 LP. After his first encounter with Yawn, Chris Redfield loses consciousness thanks to getting poisoned and whilst knocked out cold and Rebecca's getting him serum, he has what seems to be an acid trip which starts with his unconscious body being found by two mysterious individuals who argue over who gets to play with him (One of them shows familiarity with Chris), wakes up on a deserted island (the Island 17 map in Garry's Mod) with an interface and control scheme similar to old text adventures, ruins all around him (All done in Garry's Mod no less.) Then he sees his sister Claire on the balcony of a lighthouse but his path is blocked by the incredibly posh El Gigante from the RE4 LP who offers to let Chris pass to the lighthouse if he finds his lost monocle. Chris searches for it and comes across a house where he hears what sounds like someone sobbing. The moment he steps into the shack he starts to feel lightheaded and eventually loses consciousness in his dream. Then he wakes up back in the mansion with Rebecca. Chris never mentions his dream to anyone again outside of bursting out "Who thought this outfit was a good id-THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED!?" upon waking up. Yet he's perfectly fine with telling Jill about his "battle" (for want of better word) with Billy FUCKING Coen.
    • To make no mention of his UFO encounter, which he makes no mention to anyone.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Turns Ending C of Drakengard 2 into this. Literally everything that went wrong was entirely Nowe and Mannah's fault, and yet they're pretty much the only characters who get anything resembling a happy ending, and Seere uses his Golem army to become the ironfisted dictator of the world with Eris as one of his enforcers. Oh, and Lord Burroughs moves into the now defunct Clock Tower, setting up the events of the Clock Tower 3 LP.
    • He points out this is the case with the ending to Clock Tower 3:
    "Yep, kiddo. Congratulations! You defeated your grandfather and stopped the Ritual of Engagement. Too bad your mom is still dead, your house exploded, and you did nothing to stop the actual Entities from just possessing some more pricks and continuing their killing sprees. But, you murdered your grandfather and that's all that counts. Enjoy being a homeless orphan. I'm sure the sanitarium will greet you with open arms, after what you just went through."
  • Fan Disservice: The shower scene in The 3rd Birthday is this not only to Id, but also the thread. In fact, everything regarding the dress up mechanic had sent Id and the thread into utter disgust. Becomes Harsher in Hindsight when it's revealed you're playing as Eve Brea this whole time instead of Aya!
  • Ham and Cheese: He tends to respond to these moments with a quip usually stating "So cheesy I just shat pepperjack."
    • It got to the point that he posted a "deleted scene" from his LP of the REmake:
    The Dark Id: That's right. Part 2. The Residence. Will there be...evil? Only time will tell.
    Chris: (points his gun at the camera) That was so cheesy I just shat pepperjack.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Id throws jabs at Steve Burnside and Robert Kendo having problems identifying zombies given that the person they both nearly attack (Claire) is perfectly ambulatory and can operate guns and doors, things that zombies have trouble with, not to mention that she doesn't look rotten, gangrenous or covered in blood, reacts to a gun being drawn on her and possesses basic speech and motor skills at the very least. And now Resident Evil 6 has zombies (at the very least) using guns. Somewhat moreso when Resident Evil Gaiden had zombies using a few weapons such as crowbars and even a pistol at one point, and a pachislot based off of the first game had a zombie Forest Speyer that could speak.
    • Another during the Code Veronica LP has Leon lament that he didn't even know any black guys in the series that didn't get killed in the first five minutes. Then Resident Evil 5 gave us Josh Stone, who survives the events of his game.
    • During his LP of Final Fantasy X, one chapter of the LP is called Delay My Game. Sure enough, his computer went on the fritz, delaying his game.
    • He also remarks in the same LP (in a sentence written in Al Bhed of course) that if FFX ever got an HD remaster, that getting all of the Al Bhed primers would unlock an achievement, though he dismisses it as unlikely. Some years later, guess what game got an HD remaster, and guess what one of its achievements is.
    • At the end of one Clock Tower 3 episode, the tune in next time mentions "masked madmen", showing The Pyro. After Meet The Pyro was released, this choice of image became even more hilariously fitting than before.
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    • During the Metal Gear Ghost Babel LP, Weasel tells Snake that pretty much everyone considers him a legend owing to his badass feat of destroying a giant robot single-handedly and then mentions that someone would have to "basically fist fight a dinosaur to top that." Then comes the Xenogears LP, where it's revealed Fei tried to do exactly that before meeting up with the party.
    • The mere fact that, in his LP of Drakengard 2, he wished for a Drakengard 3.
      • And for added hilarity, Drakengard 3 is so darkly comedic that it actually feels like a Dark Id LP (indeed, TDI's LP of 3 has probably the least amount of added dialogue of any of his LPs), to the point that goons have asked half jokingly if TDI wrote the game or if he was Yoko Taro all along.
    • After a few updates of referring to the setting of Resident Evil 4 as "Notspain", he decides it should be called "Sapin" instead. Come the LP of Drakengard, The Empire is situated in a 180-degree-turned version of Spain that he once again dubs Notspain, with a throwaway reference to Sapin here or there. Then comes the final dragon form (a Su-47 Berkut) and bonus mission (fight the Japan Air Self-Defense Force's 303rd Squadron), in which the Dynasty Warriors/Panzer Dragoon hybrid suddenly turns into Ace Combat.
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    • One of the bonus updates for the first Drakengard was a sort of "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue spoiling several major events from Drakengard 2 because he was convinced there was no way he was going to LP a game that bad. Sure enough, he ended up doing it. He even had to dedicate part of the OP to explaining that, while spoilers for the first Drakengard were perfectly fine, spoilers from the chapter of his LP of the first Drakengard where he spoiled the shit out of Drakengard 2 weren't.
    • During his Let’s Play of Resident Evil 2, he added a sombrero to Mr. X. Guess what he has in the remake now? note  Even funnier is that the remake's Mr. X seems to have a sort of attachment to his hat (such as occasionally feeling around his head absentmindedly and seemingly going into a rage if its shot off,) much like Señor X cherished his sombrero.
  • Memetic Molester: The 3rd Birthday LP has basically turned Maeda into this for the thread due to him going from a merely awkward nerd to a creepily chuckling Mad Scientist bordering on sex offender.
  • Nightmare Fuel: During his LP of the REmake, when the mysterious entity starts rewriting reality to avoid plotholes, there's a lot of jumpscares placed at random snapshots. Highlight's include a monster's face in one of the files (which appears and disappears in the blink of an eye), another monster in the screenshot of Chris retrieving the death mask, one of the status screen replacing the inventory with a stone face full of spiders and the start of a new chapter with the photograph of a spider at the start.
    • Also, his version of Billy Coen from RE Zero is... honestly kind of terrifying.
    Billy: I don't know if I've made myself clear. Maybe I'm just talking to myself, here. But, if I hear another shotgun blast. Even something sounding like a shotgun blast... I'm going to come up there, put you in a headlock, and shove your face into the maw of a zombie. After that, I'm going to use those other five shotgun shells to blow off your jaw, shoot off your hands, and blast a hole in your stomach. Then I'm going to fucking gut and hollow you out to stick my keys and ammo behind your rib cage. Then, I'll put you on a leash, and have you shamble behind me like an undead suitcase on wheels. Do I make myself clear?
    • While Id plays a lot of Resident Evil's myriad cast for laughs, he does not do the same for Brian Irons of 2 fame. Compared to how cartoonish later and earlier villains were, Irons' penchant for simple murder and rape makes him ironically much scarier and less funny.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Seere in Drakengard 2, as he's one of the few people with a brain that knows damn well what Nowe and Manah are trying to do will not do the world any favours. Once of course they cause an apocalyptic mess, Seere assembles a golem army to help fight off the dragon rampage and makes it quite clear to Nowe and Manah how badly they fucked up and threatens a rather painful fate of beheading and heads being mounted on pikes in his office if he catches them in his territory again.
    • Kyle Madigan in The 3rd Birthday manages to get back on Id's good side when he doesn't go through with the wedding after Eve bodyswaps with Aya.
      Id: Madigan, you at least redeemed yourself slightly by going "NOPE I'M OUT!" But you still need to shave that pube goatee. You look like a jerk.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Id's opinion of Tekken: The Motion Picture.
  • Tearjerker:
    • The boss fight with Angelus in Drakengard 2 was bad enough, but then he added references to happier conversations from the Drakengard LP and let us see both sides of the conversation at the end. It's a rare update that ends without a sarcastic remark or summation of the chapter, just a few empty lines before the usual links to the cutscenes and concept art.
    • The prior update ended on a similarly somber note, as what he was about to have to do dawned on Id. Even in text, the LP seems to linger on a shot of her, and all the droll and snippy Id can manage is a sad emoji.
    • In May 2015, Id had to pause his Drakengard 3 LP for some time because of the suicide of his brother.
    • Id had saved Zero's Memories of an Intoner for last after finishing the game. It's sad to see that after all the trouble that they went through, Mikhail will watch the world kill itself and most likely die in nuclear fallout while severely missing Zero.
    • The ultimate fate of Iron Will/Hymir's Finger, the BFS that Id respected so much. In the first Drakengard game it was a Game-Breaker of amazing proportions and even when it was broken in Nier and Drakengard's misbegotten sequel, it was still of use. So you'd think after Id finds it in NieR: Automata, it'd be as badass as ever, right? Well, its not broken anymore, but sadly that's in both senses of the word as its now rusted to uselessness.
    Id: Unfortunately, as that weapon history has implied... Iron Will has been out of commission for a while. Caim has been dead for over 10,000 years and Papa Nier got wiped out of existence millennia ago as well. It hasn’t been getting its murder on all this time. There’s not a lot of people to kill in the afterlife, as it turns out. As a result...The poor thing has tragically rusted into complete shit. Even if we upgraded it to Level 4, not even the sage blacksmith Masamune can do anything for the old boy. This is it. This is Iron Will now. A rusted hunk of dull iron. This might be the most tragic thing in all of Nie R: Automata.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: The subtitle of his Metal Gear: Ghost Babel LP was "Rated E For Everyone!" Oh yeah, making dolls out of human parts and setting yourself on fire and getting off on it is totally kid friendly. That's just a couple, next to things such as Snake and the Colonel discussing liquor preparation, nuclear sieges performed as power plays, Weasel's backstory, numerous utterances of "damn" and taking Jesus' name in vain and various other surprisingly dark subject matter. It is also jokingly played with in regards to Snake's cigarettes being replaced with a "Fogger" (practically the only move done to get that E rating) and some dialogue between Weasel and McBride.

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