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YMMV / The Commuter

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  • Complete Monster: Joanna is a manipulative criminal seeking to kill the teenaged "Prynne" for threatening to expose her corrupt superiors' murder of Prynne's cousin. Stringing along ex-cop Mike MacCauley by bribing the desperate man and threatening his family, Joanna tries to have him locate and then kill Prynne for her. When Mike refuses, Joanna angrily tries to crash the train carrying Prynne and kill everyone on board and when Mike foils this plan, attempts to have another of her pawns execute Prynne and the other passengers before framing Mike for the murders.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Several secondary and tertiary characters are pretty well-liked even among people who think the movie isn't that good.
    • Sam and Jimmy, the conductors. Sam's popularity comes from being a Cool Old Guy with some impressive feats of bravery, and Jimmy's comes from being a hilarious Lovable Coward.
    • Jackson is pretty popular despite being a decently imposing and suspicious guy, and makes some memorable intelligent and moral comments once he gets around to talking with The Hero.
    • Gwen is pretty well-liked for her colorful punk wardrobe and for being played by Florence Pugh.