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YMMV / The Chase

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  • Cliché Storm: Some FIMFiction critics consider 'The Chase' this. It becomes excessive as the story goes on. With just more and more cliches being piled on.
  • Designated Hero: Berry Punch kicks an older mare in the crotch (see Broken Base above). The rest of the characters are surprisingly okay with that, providing explanations such as "Bucky's mother is rich and has access to good doctors. She'll get better in no time."
  • Squick:
    • Ponies farting. Frequently. Apparently, you can guess the race of the pony by the smell of their farts.
    • Chapter 134 is a big offender. First half of it is about Bucky milking Berry Punch and making butter from her milk, while the second is about fillies lighting their farts on fire.



TV Show

  • Awesome Music: The Final Chase music, possibly the most intense music ever featured on a game show. The final 30 seconds can induce a panic like no other.
    • Unfortunately, the US version doesn't have the same music, and what choices they did make is arguably not as good. They don't even have "hurry up" music that plays when either the player or the Chaser locks in while the other has yet to. Note that the lack of this music had audiences not know that a time limit was even a thing until it actually happened.
  • Designated Villain: Some feel that the contestants who take lower or even minus offers can be unfairly demonized by the viewers due to the sheer difficulty of the gameshow where the questions can range between reasonably challenging to ludicrous and abstract regardless of whichever offer they take (this is particularly prevalent on Twitter, as some Chasers have pointed out). The fact that the show itself is the one that decides to place a minus offer on the board, which is not guaranteed to appear for every contestant, doesn't help.
  • Carried by the Host: This show wouldn't be anywhere near as good without the Chasers, nor Bradley Walsh in the UK version. This is likely in part why the American version stuck with Mark Labbett as the only Chasernote , or why the Australian one brought Anne and Mark from the UK version to help host that one as well.
  • Padding: Mixes with Suspicious Video Game Generosity when a contestant has an unusually long interview with Bradley during the broadcast. Chances are they're either going to have the perfect game or be caught in three questions in the head to head with the Chaser.
  • Rooting for the Empire: Some viewers get quite endeared to the Chasers, and actively want them to beat the teams.
    • Contestants taking minus offers, or just being Smug Snakes, can also cause this reaction amongst viewers.


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