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  • Archive Panic: The Cartoon Hero is probably one of the most prolific reviewers outside of Channel Awesome with 350 episodes and counting.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • His Re-Reviews from his older episodes. For example: His Re-Review to Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius was a proper analytical review as opposed to the constant nitpicking in his older review to it.
    • In his "Top 10 Batman: The Brave and the Bold" review, he does mention the DCEU again but unlike with his reviews to Superman vs. the Elite and Justice League: War, he didn't harshly insult any of those movies again and even mentions that he has no problems with anyone being a fan of the DCEU films and in the end he only mentions that he would wish that DC would have more fun with their super heroes.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Broken Base:
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • His videos on Kingdom Hearts bosses are full of these, the most egregious example being him mistaking a case of What Could Have Been as a reverse She's a Man in Japan.
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    • In the Jirachi Wish Maker review, he declares Hypnosis doesn't work on Dark Pokemon, which it in fact does.
      • The thing is he usually would be right because in the Generation 6 games, Absol would likely be a Mega Absol which has Magic Bounce which would reflect the Hypnosis.
    • In his review of Jojos Bizarre Adventure, he states that ''Battle Tendency (the 2nd part of the anime)takes place in World War One. Even though the show states that the 2nd part starts off in 1938, a decade after World War I.
    • In his Final Fantasy video, when he briefly goes over his history with the series, he says he's not looking forward to one of the more infamous entries, with an image of Final Fantasy X as the example. The game was generally loved by critics and has a 92% critic score and an 8.8 player score on Metacritic, which hardly qualifies as infamous.
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    • In a video he made with The Hardcore Kid, he criticizes Asalieri's parody of Kickassia and says: "Isn't the whole point of parodying something to show you can do it better than they can while making fun of it?" As Asalieri himself comments:
    Asalieri: Nnnnno, the point of parody is to take something and make fun of it. That's it.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • In the beginning, the Hero had a low-quality camera, clearly read from a script, and at first didn't even have a real personality — yet somehow, on the TGWTG forums and in his later videos, his views are almost even with Diamanda Hagan. To be fair, though, he did fix those problems later.
    • Number 6 is very popular amongst the fans because of his married couple like interactions with the Hero which are amongst the funniest moments of the series.
  • Friendly Fandoms: With Anime Abomination, Tv Trash, and The Hardcore Kid, due to their occasional crossovers.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight:
    • In his Hey Arnold! The Movie review, he said that the Hey Arnold Jungle Movie would probably never be made due to being stuck in development hell for over 10 years. Several months later...
    • At the end of his Samurai Jack review, he gives a speech about never giving up your dreams and he also tells his audience that just because someone says your work is terrible and you don't deserve another chance, that you should never stop doing what you love to do. About two years later Samurai Jack finally got its chance to continue.
  • He Panned It, Now He Sucks!:
  • He Really Can Act: In the Tales of Symphonia review, he starts off on the verge of tears due to Six's death in the previous episode. And for some audience members, his delivery got them choked up as well.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: During his review of Delgo, he wonders why it was on the So Bad It's Horrible page, due to him finding that the film was more generic and dull than horrible. Indeed, this was exactly the reason the film was removed from the page just under a year later.
    • and while we're at it: During the beginning of the Alice in Wonderland review which was also the last part of the So Bad It's Horrible month he found it "messed up" that Delgo was on the So Bad it's Horrible page but Foodfight! wasn't. Several years later everyone seems to have come realized this as well since the former was removed from the site while the latter one was added to it.
  • Hype Backlash: The Hero made a video about the Top 10 Cartoons He Hates That Everyone Else Loves, with Elfen Lied making the #1 spot.
  • Inferred Holocaust: One apparently happened in the future Number Six came from. We even hear the last few moments of numbers 7-9...
  • Special Effects Failure: During the In Search of the Titanic (a.k.a. Tentacolino) review, there's a flash when the Cartoon Villain kills Nina Galas/alternate good Diamanda Hagan but it's not until a second later that you hear the explosion.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The beginning of his Tales of Symphonia review.
    • In his Avatar: The Last Airbender review: The "In Honor of Mako" was already quite touching in the series, but what is just as emotional is that immediately after this scene we get to see the Hero doing a Military Salute towards Mako.
    • The Series Finale. Hoo boy the series finale: Hero dies after saving the world one more time. Six then chooses to save his life by sacrifing himself by combining their minds in a new reincarnated mind of a newborn child from another universe. Eli Stone's performance where Six reacts to the Hero's inevitable demise really sells the whole episode.
    • Meta: Eli Stone had announced to retire the Cartoon Hero in 2018, which he managed to achieve in 2019 with the release of his 350th episode, which still hits hard with a lot of fans.


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