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  • Awesome Music: The whole score counts, but especially the main theme. Really, what do you expect when you work with former Yes-man Rick Wakeman?
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Dave is the most popular character in the movie after Cropsy, mainly because he's played by Jason Alexander, who gives a comedic and energetic performance.
  • Fridge Brilliance: For a burned man, Cropsy has an odd, melted-looking face. This is explained by an offhand comment in the hospital about failed skin grafts.
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: This was a flop at the U.S. box-office (before gaining a cult on video), but was a big hit in Japan and France.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Say what you will about Serial Killer Cropsy (who was by all accounts a Jerkass even before the events of the film) but after being burned nearly to death, horrifically scarred (to the point of looking inhuman) and going through an almost unimaginable amount of pain, can you really blame him for going completely Ax-Crazy?
  • Narm: Cropsy's face has been liberally described as "far beyond ridiculous".
  • Older Than They Think: People usually accuse the movie being a Friday the 13th (1980) rip-off, but it was actually written before it. Of course, they could just be saying that.
  • Reality Is Unrealistic?: In his book Grande Illusions Tom Savini deflects claims of Cropsy's face being unrealistic by stating have sculpted it by "remembering the pictures I'd seen at the burn unit at Pittsburgh's Mercy Hospital and a beggar I'd seen on the streets of downtown Pittsburgh when I was a kid, and the book Nursing the Burn Patient by Feller." It is possible, though, that Cropsy's features are an amalgamation of several worst-case scenarios and therefore unlikely in real life.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Jason Alexander (George in Seinfeld) as Dave.
    • Young Holly Hunter as Sophie.
    • Alfred's actor Brian Backer would later play Rat in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
    • Woodstock is Ben from Short Circuit series.
    • Production wise, this was an early Weinstein production.
  • Signature Scene: The raft massacre.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • When Todd finds Karen's body in the mine, it's just a superimposed picture of her from her earlier death scene.
    • At the start, when Cropsy is set on fire, he's wearing some rather obvious protective gear.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Alfred is considered this by many fans of the film. He says he has no friends, when it's shown very thoroughly that all the guys in his cabin (except Glazer) are friendly towards him; he knows Glazer picks on him and finds his stares creepy, but he just keeps staring at Glazer; he spies on Sally in the bathroom, which almost gets him kicked out of camp, and then constantly spies on her and Glazer later on. Rather than finding him sympathetic or relatable, fans tend to think of him as a creepy whiner.


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