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YMMV / The Brothers Grunt

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  • Cargo Ship: Sammy is attracted to lamps. After his rivalry with a shipwrecked man over a lamp ends badly, he's shown in the bathtub with two other lamps.
    Lamp 1: All right, pally, come on, pay up. Let's go.
    Lamp 2: Yeah, we got another man waiting for us uptown.
  • Ho Yay: In "Cream Style", a military man seizes Tony and kisses him passionately. A parrot discreetly drops a corn flag over them.
    • Dean rides in a car with a creepy man who calls him "pretty boy" in "If I Could Grunt to the Animals". The same man appears in a later episode, in which he reaches into a government agent's pocket and holds his hand.
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  • Uncanny Valley: Every single one of the titular grunts.

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